Which Crocs Have an Adjustable Heel Strap? [Discussing Options]

Adjustable strap Crocs give you the ability to customize the fit so that the clog is more secure against your foot. This can be important in professional settings, but also if you plan to wear your Crocs for outdoor recreation such as hiking. But not all types of Crocs are offered with an adjustable heel strap. Which Crocs have an adjustable strap?

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These are the types of Crocs with adjustable straps:

The Crocs All Terrain clogs and Crocs Offroad clogs are designed with extra tread so that they can handle outdoor environments better. All of these Crocs with adjustable straps are ventilated, with the exception of the Crocs Bistro Pro LiteRide clogs which are closed toe and good for work environments.

The Crocs Yukon Vista II clogs are ventilated, but have faux leather accents across the top which makes them stand out from other types of Crocs.

The adjustable strap helps you find a comfortable fit with your Crocs, and can be helpful to those stuck between sizes (Crocs don’t have half sizes). Out of the ten Crocs I own, I found most of them to fit true to size, but there were a few exceptions. Watch my short video below to get quick sizing advice:

In this article I want to discuss the adjustable strap Crocs that I own, and compare and contrast these options so you can find the style that fits your needs. Let’s also discuss several things to consider when shopping for adjustable Crocs.

Crocs With Adjustable Straps

Crocs All Terrain Clogs

Weight0.56 pounds
Fit Roomy

The Crocs All-Terrain Clogs are a variation of the Crocs Classic Clogs, but with a couple small tweaks that make them more appropriate for outdoor recreation. These All-Terrain adjustable strap Crocs have enhanced tread for better grip in outdoor terrain.


Yes, these Crocs also have an adjustable heel strap that allows you to tighten the shoes better, which provides more secure support. These Crocs have a roomy fit just like the classic Crocs, and although they weigh a bit more due to the extra tread, they still have a very lightweight design.

The combination of the adjustable strap and enhanced tread make these clogs popular for outdoor tasks like hiking and camping. In my experience, these Crocs All Terrain clogs fit true to size.

This is the current price of these All-Terrain Crocs with adjustable straps available at Crocs.com (paid affiliate link takes you to Crocs.com). If you want to read more about the Crocs All Terrain and see sizing photos, visit my Crocs All-Terrain Sizing Review.

Crocs Bistro Pro LiteRide Clogs

Weight0.83 pounds
ToeNot Vented
Fit Roomy

This Crocs Bistro Pro LiteRide Clog is designed to be used as a work clog. It features a closed toe for spill protection, and also has slip-resistant outsoles for extra grip.


Yes, these Bistro Pro Clogs also have an adjustable heel strap so you can customize the fit for extra support when needed. They do have a roomy fit, and I found these Crocs Bistro Pro clogs to fit bigger than my Crocs Classic Clogs.

This Bistro Pro features the LiteRide foam insoles which provide extra cushioning under the foot. This is the only type of adjustable strap Crocs that uses the ultra-soft LiteRide insoles. In the video below, I tried to capture just how comfortable these LiteRide insoles are:

This is the current price of these Crocs Bistro Pro Clogs available at Crocs.com (paid affiliate link takes you to Crocs.com). If you want to read more about this Crocs Bisto Pro clog and see sizing photos, visit my Crocs Bistro Pro LiteRide Sizing Review.

Other Crocs with Adjustable Straps

  • Crocs Offroad Sport Clog – The Crocs Offroad Sport clog is designed with a similar purpose to the Crocs All Terrain Clog. It has an enhanced tread design making it more appropriate for outdoor adventure like hiking and camping. These Offroad Sport Adjustable Crocs do have ventilation holes for air flow and water-release. Click here to view the Crocs Offroad Sport clogs available at Amazon (paid affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).
  • Crocs Yukon Vista II Clog – This Crocs Yukon Vista Clog is designed different than other clogs because it has unique faux leather detailing across the top of the clog. It is, however, still vented and it does have an adjustable heel strap so you can find the perfect fit. Click here to view this Crocs Yukon Vist II clog available at Crocs.com (paid affiliate link takes you to Crocs.com).

Things to Consider When Buying Crocs with Adjustable Straps

Advantages of Adjustable Strap Crocs

Adjustable strap Crocs allow for a more secure fit, which can be very important if you are wearing Crocs for outdoor recreation, or if you are wearing your Crocs as work shoes. These adjustable straps also make it a bit easier to find the right sizing knowing that you can adjust the strap when needed for the correct tightness.

Another cool thing is these straps are removable so if you want to turn your Crocs into true slip-on clogs, you can do that.

Potential Drawbacks to Adjustable Strap Crocs

Although adjustable strap Crocs have obvious advantages, there is one sneaky disadvantage you will want to consider: convenience. Yes, Crocs with adjustable straps help you find a more secure fit, but because you can tighten the strap, these types of adjustable Crocs aren’t as easy to slide off and on.

To some, this might just be a minor annoyance, but it is worth considering that with the adjustable strap, you will have to bend down to take these Crocs off. These won’t be quite as simple as regular Crocs that you can kick off and slip on. You will have to take a moment to strap, and un-strap these adjustable Crocs as you come and go.

Flexible Heel Strap for Crocs

Even though we are discussing Crocs with adjustable straps in this article, I do want to take time to point out that the pivoting heel strap used in normal Crocs may not be adjustable, but it is very flexible. In the video below, I tried to capture how flexible the pivoting heel strap really is:

Which Adjustable Crocs Have the Most Cushion?

All Crocs clogs are comfortable. They are made using what Crocs calls a “CrosLite” foam material which creates cushioning and comfort under the foot.

That said, if you want to maximize comfort, I would recommend buying styles of Crocs that use the LiteRide insoles. Basically, these LiteRide insoles are just extra foam cushioning, but they make the insole area very soft and comfortable to wear.

As I mentioned earlier, if you are shopping for Crocs with adjustable straps, the Crocs Bistro Pro is currently the only adjustable Crocs that uses the LiteRide insole. Click here to view LiteRide options available at Crocs.com (paid affiliate link takes you to Crocs.com).

If you want to read more about this topic, visit my article about which Crocs have the softest insoles.

Which Crocs are Best for Work?

Obviously, this can depend on the requirement of your job. Because I don’t know those requirements, it is impossible to give specific recommendations. Many employers require closed-toe shoes, so not all styles of Crocs will work (my favorite closed toe Crocs).

Because Crocs with adjustable straps offer a more secure fit, they are often some of the best work options. Most styles of Crocs built for the workplace are made with slip-resistant outsoles that you don’t see on the Crocs Classic Clogs.

And, yes, if you are looking for Crocs with adjustable straps to use for work, the Crocs Bistro Pro Clog we discussed earlier in the article does have slip-resistant outsoles. Here is a look at the slip-resistant outsoles on my Crocs Bistro Pro clogs:


How Do Adjustable Crocs Fit?

Choosing Crocs with adjustable straps defintely takes some of the pain out of finding the right fit. That adjustable strap allows you to customize the fit as needed.

If you search through the different types of Crocs, you will notice that many of them have a different fit. It used to be that Crocs offered three different types of fits: standard, relaxed, and roomy. But, in recent years, it has become harder to find Crocs that use the standard fit, and I am not entirely sure Crocs offers it anymore.

The two main types of Crocs fits you need to know are relaxed fit and roomy fit. The roomy fit will be the widest toe box, but it is important to note that both of these fits are wider than most types of shoes. Crocs clogs are known for a comfortable, wider fit.

One thing I would encourage your to do is to visit my Crocs sizing guide where I discuss at length my experiences with Crocs sizing, and offer comparison sizing photos like the ones posted below:

Ultimately, depending on the types of adjustable strap Crocs you choose, the fit will vary. In my experience, Crocs clogs have a wide fit, but the overall length of Crocs is what I would describe as average (meaning you can find brands that fit longer, and brands that fit shorter).

Other Crocs to Consider

As I mentioned earlier, I recently tried nine different types of Crocs. To read about more options, visit my Crocs articles linked below:

Ultimately, Crocs with adjustable straps offer a more secure fit and are more appropriate for work and outdoor recreation than Crocs that just have the traditional pivoting heel strap.

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