Do Crocs Come in Half Sizes? [No, But Here is How I Solved It]

If you are like me and naturally wear half sizes, you might be a little shocked when you go to buy Crocs and don’t see half sizes available? Do Crocs come in half sizes?

Crocs do not come in half sizes. This is the case not only for Crocs clogs, both all forms of Crocs footwear including Crocs sneakers, Crocs sandals, and Crocs Boots.

Both men’s and women’s Crocs are only available in full sizes. This can be an issue for those of us who wear half sizes. Recently, I tried 10 different types of Crocs clogs so I could evaluate the sizing.

In general, my advice is to size up a half size for Crocs if you are between sizes. But I found that there are certain types of Crocs that run a little bit bigger than others (learn more). And if you are concerned about how Crocs will fit, I think there is an easy fix that I will discuss later in the article (click here to jump ahead on the page to see what I did to solve this issue).

Let’s start by discussing my experience with Crocs and which Crocs fit a little bit bigger than other options.

Why Don’t Crocs Come in Half Sizes?

When I contacted Crocs customer service to ask them why Crocs are not offered in half sizes, I was told it was a “commercial decision” not to offer half sizes.

Crocs recommends people that typically wear half sizes to size up when purchasing Crocs (source). Based on my experience, I agree.

Many of the most popular types of Crocs clogs run a little bit small regarding length. The shape of a Crocs clog is a bit unique compared to many other types of footwear.

Crocs clogs have a wider, roomier fit than many other types of slip-on shoes, but also have a sizing length that runs a little short. So if you are between sizes, sizing up is *probably* best.

For example, here is Crocs sizing compared to Nike Dunk for women:


And here is the sizing of Crocs vs Nike Dunk for men:


As you can see, the Crocs run just a little bit shorter in length, but have a wider, roomier toe box area.

This is the case when you compare Crocs clogs to many types of popular lace-up shoes. For example, here are Crocs clogs versus Air Jordan sizing:


And here is Crocs vs New Balance sizing:


And here is Crocs vs Nike Air Max sizing:


And here is Crocs versus Merrell sizing:


But when you compare Crocs to other types of slip-on shoes, the sizing is more comparable in length (but Crocs is still much wider and roomier in the toe box than most slip-on shoes).

For example, here is Crocs compared to Vans slip-on sizing:


And here are Crocs clogs compared to Hey Dude sizing:


These are just a few examples, and to see more, visit my Crocs Sizing Guide where I compare the sizing of Crocs to the sizing of other popular shoe brands.

Crocs that fit bigger

When I recently tried 10 different types of Crocs, I found two options that fit longer in length than normal Crocs clogs. Those two options that run big are the Crocs Bistro and the Crocs Specialist II.

For comparison, here is my (on the right) Crocs Bistro compared to normal Crocs sizing:


This is where you can read more about Crocs Bistro sizing.

And below is a photo of my Crocs Specialist II (on the right) compared to normal Crocs sizing:


This is where you can read more about Crocs Specialist II sizing.

For these two specific types of Crocs, sizing up might not be a great option. Of course, this will be impacted by your personal sizing needs. Both of these styles are designed to be work Crocs clogs.

An Easy Crocs Sizing Solution if You Wear Half Sizes

If you are truly stuck between sizes and don’t feel comfortable sizing up or sizing down, the easiest solution may be to do what I did to solve it: buy a type of Crocs clogs that uses an adjustable heel strap. This adjustable heel strap is very popular and allows you to customize the fit to your specific needs.

For example, here is the heel strap on my Crocs Bistro Pro clogs:


And here is the strap on my Crocs Yukon Vista clogs:


These straps allow you to loosen and tighten the fit as needed to give you a proper fit. If you normally wear a half size, this may be the best way to get a secure fit.

This is where you can see a list of Crocs clogs that use this adjustable strap.

Additional Help with Crocs Half Sizes

My advice is to size up most types of Crocs clogs if you are stuck between sizes. The exceptions may be Crocs Bistro and Crocs Specialist II, which I found to run longer in length than other types of Crocs clogs.

Listed below are my Crocs sizing resources where you can view sizing pictures to help you choose the proper sizing. This may help you if you are trying to figure out what to do since Crocs don’t come in half sizes.

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