Which Crocs Have the Most Cushion & Softest Insoles? [My Advice]

All Crocs clogs are comfortable. But if you are wondering which Crocs have the most cushioning, in my opinion, it is the Crocs clogs that use the LiteRide insoles. These LiteRide insoles add extra foam cushioning that is incredibly soft to the touch, and adds that extra bit of comfort for those of us who spend long days on our feet. Crocs describes it as “sink-in softness”.

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These are the different types of Crocs that use the LiteRide insole:

These LiteRide insoles can be particularly useful for professionals who wear Crocs on the job, and spend long days standing and walking. And so it isn’t shocking that three out of the five Crocs clogs listed above are designed to be work clogs.

The Crocs On-the-Clock, Crocs Bistro Pro, and Crocs Neria Pro are all most commonly used as work clogs (although they can obviously be worn for other reasons too). But, if you are looking for a more casual style, you may want to stick with the basic Crocs LiteRide clogs, which are at the top of the list above.

Like I mentioned at the top, even regular Crocs clogs are comfortable because they are made with Crocs “Croslite” foam material, but the LiteRide insoles just add an extra layer of soft comfort to help reduce impact stress under the foot (LiteRide vs Classic).

In the video below, I tried to capture just how soft my Crocs LiteRide insoles are.

I have experience with several of these Crocs clogs that use the LiteRide insoles. In this article I want to compare and contrast these different types of Crocs so you better understand the differences and so you can choose the style that makes the most sense for you.

Crocs with Soft Insoles & Extra Cushion

Crocs Bistro Pro LiteRide Clogs

Weight0.83 pounds
ToeNot Vented
Fit Roomy

These Crocs Bistro Pro LiteRide clogs are one of my favorite styles of Crocs for a couple reasons. First, yes they use the ultra-comfortable LiteRide insole that provides extra cushioning under the foot. Here is a close look at the insoles in my Crocs Bistro Pro LiteRide clogs:


But what I also love about these clogs is they use adjustable heel straps. This helps provide a reliable and secure fit, which can be particularly useful on the job. They also have slip-resistant outsoles to help improve grip.

These are closed-toe Crocs, meaning they don’t have ventilation holes. This helps these clogs meet certain workplace standards. They also have a taller heel cup. For example, here are these Crocs Bistro Pro clogs (left) compared to my Crocs Classic clogs (right):


Because of these extra features, and the lack of ventilation holes, these clogs do weigh a bit more than standard Crocs. My size 12 weighs 0.83 pounds per clog compared to my Crocs Classics which weigh 0.43 pounds per clog. But, overall, these still feel lightweight and comfortable on my feet.

And if you are searching for extra comfort under the foot, the LiteRide insole delivers that. These Crocs Bistro Pro Clogs have a roomy design that, in my experience, fit a bit longer than the Crocs Classic Clogs. I tried to capture that in the photo below.


If you are searching for a comfortable work clog, these are my favorite option. The insoles are very comfortable, the closed-toe design provides spill protection, and the adjustable strap allows you to find a secure fit..

This is the current price of these Crocs Bistro Pro Clogs available at Crocs.com (paid affiliate link takes you to Crocs.com). If you want to read more about this type of Crocs and see sizing photos, visit my article about Crocs Bistro Pro LiteRide clogs.

Crocs LiteRide Clogs

Weight0.66 pounds
Fit Relaxed

As I mentioned earlier in the article, most types of Crocs clogs that use the LiteRide insoles are designed to be work clogs, but this clog is the one exception. It has a sleeker design than other types of Crocs clogs, and is designed to be a casual clog.

The ventilation in these clogs is much different than the ventilation in Crocs Classics. As you can see below, the ventilation holes are more numerous, but much smaller than Crocs Classics:


Think of this clog as an alternative to the Crocs Classics, but with the LiteRide insoles and a design that is a little sleeker than the normal Crocs Classics. Because these Crocs LiteRide Clogs have a “relaxed” fit, they aren’t quite as wide as the Crocs Classics that have a “roomy” fit.


My size 12 Crocs LiteRide Clogs weigh 0.66 pounds per shoe, which means these clogs weigh less than any of the other LiteRide options. If you are looking for a casual Crocs clog with extra cushioning, I think this is your best option. The other clogs on this page are mainly work clogs.

This is the current price of these Crocs LiteRide Clogs available at Crocs.com (paid affiliate link takes you to Crocs.com). If you want to read more about this type of Crocs and see sizing photos, visit my article about Crocs LiteRide clogs.

Other Crocs with Extra Cushion

  • Crocs On-the-Clock LiteRide Clogs – The Crocs On-the-Clock clogs (mine photo’d above) are a bit different than other options because they have a closed heel design. These are primarily used as work clogs. The closed toe and closed heel helps meet certain workplace standard. Yes, they use the ultra-comfortable LiteRide insoles, but do weigh more than other types of clogs due to the closed design. Click here to view these Crocs On-the-Clock clogs (paid affiliate link takes you to Crocs.com).
  • Crocs Neria Pro II LiteRide Clogs – These Crocs Neria Pro II clogs are designed specifically for women. Just like the Crocs On-the-Clock clogs from above, these Neria Pro clogs are made using a closed toe and closed heel design, helping them meet certain workplace standards. Yes, they use the LiteRide insoles. These Neria clogs have a taller heel and extra arch support. Click here to view these Crocs On-the-Clock clogs (paid affiliate link takes you to Crocs.com).

What to Consider When Buying Crocs with Extra Cushioning

How to Clean LiteRide Crocs

The exterior of Crocs that are made with foam can be cleaned using mild soap and cold water (or a gentle wash cycle). Some of the Crocs styles that use LiteRide insoles are made so you can remove and wash the insole as needed, but it should be noted that not all styles allow you to remove the insole.

Are Crocs Adjustable?

Most types of Crocs clogs come with a pivoting heel strap that is not adjustable. But it is also important to note that the pivoting heel strap is quite flexible, which does help the overall fit of the clog. In the video below, I tried to capture how flexible the pivoting heel strap is for my LiteRide clogs:

If you are searching for a style of Crocs clog that has an adjustable heel strap, yes, there are options. As we discussed earlier in the article, the Crocs Bistro Pro clogs have the LiteRide insoles for extra cushioning, and also have an adjustable strap for a secure fit. Here is a look at my strap:


The Crocs Yukon Vista II LiteRide clogs also have an adjustable strap.

These adjustable straps are useful if you need a more secure fit on the job. But, it also makes it harder to simply kick the Crocs off your feet, so if you will be wearing these casually, maybe the adjustable strap doesn’t make sense for you. To read more about this issue, visit my article about adjustable Crocs.

Crocs Weight

Below is a table ranking the weights of the nine types of Crocs that I own. If you want to read more about weight, visit my article that discusses the weight of different Crocs clogs. Below, I also provided links to each clog in case you want more information on them:

Type of CrocsWeight (lbs)Photo
Crocs Classic0.43click here to view
Crocs Baya0.43click here to view
Crocs All Terrain0.56click here to view
Crocs Specialist0.60click here to view
Crocs Crocband0.60click here to view
Crocs LiteRide0.66click here to view
Crocs Bistro0.73click here to view
Crocs Bistro Pro0.83click here to view
Crocs On-the-Clock0.84click here to view

Are Crocs Good for Work?

If you are wearing these Crocs with extra cushioning as a work shoe, you will want to make sure they meet certain workplace standards. For example, many workplaces demand a closed-toe shoe.

If wondering whether or not Crocs qualify as closed toe shoes, that will likely just come down to the interpretation of your specific employer. In most cases, ventilated Crocs styles are not considered to be closed toe because they don’t offer the spill protection that non-vented shoes do.


But there are several types of Crocs styles that are non-vented and will likely qualify as a closed toe work shoe (but, again, always verify with your employer first). For example, the Crocs Bistro Pro, Crocs On-the-Clock, and Crocs Neria clogs featured in this article.

To read more about this issue, visit my article about closed-toe Crocs.

Most styles of Crocs built for the workplace are made with slip-resistant outsoles that you don’t see on the Crocs Classic Clogs. For example, here is the slip-resistant outsole on my Crocs Bistro Pro LiteRide clog:


Crocs Sizing Help

Not all of these Crocs with extra cushioning will fit the same. If you search through the different types of Crocs, you will notice that many of them have a different fit.

It used to be that Crocs offered three different types of fits: standard, relaxed, and roomy. But, in recent years, it has become harder to find styles of Crocs that use the standard fit, and I am not entirely sure Crocs offers it anymore.

The two main types of Crocs fits you need to know are relaxed fit and roomy fit. The roomy fit will be the widest toe box, but it is important to note that both of these fits are wider than most types of shoes. Crocs clogs are known for a comfortable, wider fit.

One thing I would encourage your to do is to visit my Crocs size guide where I discuss at length my experiences with Crocs sizing, and offer comparison sizing photos like the ones posted below:

Ultimately, depending on the types of Crocs you choose, the fit will vary. In my experience, Crocs clogs have a wide fit, but the overall length of Crocs is what I would describe as average (meaning you can find brands that fit longer, and brands that fit shorter).

When browsing through the different types of Crocs with extra cushioning, be sure to note the fit. Again, the roomy fit is Crocs widest fit, and the relaxed fit will be less roomy (but still expect the relaxed fit to be wider than most types of shoes).

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