Do Crocs Shrink in the Sun or From Extreme Heat? [Discussed]

Crocs are popular summer shoes because the ventilation creates extra air flow and allows for water and debris to release out of the shoe. But using Crocs during the summer means they might get kicked off outside and left in the extreme heat. Do Crocs shrink in the sun or warp from extreme heat?

Yes, Crocs can shrink from exposure to direct sunlight or from extreme heat (like being stored in your car during the summer). Slight shrinking may be noticeable in as little as an hour, but it will depend on the amount of direct sunlight, and the amount of heat. Storing your Crocs either in the shade, or in a temperature controlled environment will be best.

When you are wearing your Crocs, your foot helps the Crocs hold shape and resist shrinking. So don’t expect Crocs to shrivel up in the heat while they are on your foot.

But if you kick them off outside and leave them in the direct sunlight during the heat of summer, there is a very good chance that they will shrink. If it’s only 30 minutes in the sun, shrinking will likely be minimal or hardly noticeable, but if you leave them outside for hours and days in the extreme heat and sun, Crocs may shrink (or warp) to the point where they are unwearable.

Recently I bought nine different types of Crocs to compare them on several things, including sizing. These are the nine styles that I tried:

Type of CrocsPhoto
Crocs Classicclick here to view
Crocs Bayaclick here to view
Crocs All Terrainclick here to view
Crocs Specialistclick here to view
Crocs Crocbandclick here to view
Crocs LiteRideclick here to view
Crocs Bistroclick here to view
Crocs Bistro Proclick here to view
Crocs On-the-Clockclick here to view

One of the questions I had after I bought these nine types of Crocs was whether or not they would shrink if I left them outside all summer or if I stored them in the trunk of my vehicle. To confirm, I contacted Crocs’ customer service. Here was the response I got:

“Crocs shoes can be sensitive to heat. So you may see a little shrinking and warping if you expose them to hot conditions like washing machines, dryers, dishwasher, and closed cars and trunks, sun as well.”

In this article let’s discuss further how much Crocs shrink in the sun, and what some possible things to consider are when storing Crocs. I’ll also give you my recommendation on sizing based on trying these nine types of Crocs.

Do Crocs Shrink in the Sun from Extreme Heat?

Yes, as we discussed above, Crocs can shrink from long-term exposure to direct sunlight or from extreme heat (like being stored in the trunk of your car during the summer). Storing your Crocs either in the shade, or in a temperature controlled room will be best.

If you or your children use Crocs for outdoor summer shoes, kicking them off in the garage or mudroom will be best. If you leave them on the deck, exposed to direct sunlight, over time they will shrink and may become too small to wear.

What Material are Crocs Made With?

Crocs are made with a foam-like material known as “Croslite” (source). Crocs does not fully disclose how this type of material is made (for purposes of keeping a competitive advantage on competition).

Although this foam material is very comfortable to wear, it can shrink and warp if exposed to hot, direct sunlight for an extended period of time. And I won’t describe it as “melting”, because it doesn’t melt, but the material itself does become softer when exposed to heat from the sun.

Will Crocs Shrink in the Dryer

Yes, Crocs will shrink in the dryer. If you clean your Crocs with soap and water (or with a light machine cycle), it is best to let them air dry to avoid shrinking.

Will Crocs Shrink in the Car

Yes, Crocs will shrink if left exposed to the extreme heat inside your car during the summer. Storing your Crocs in your car is not a good idea.

How Much Will Crocs Shrink in the Sun and Extreme Heat?

If Crocs are left out in the sun and exposed to extreme heat, they can shrink enough to where they become unwearable. The shrinking can be the equivalent of multiple shoe sizes of difference.

How Long Does it Take for Crocs to Shrink in the Sun?

For example, I put the left clog pictured below outside in the direct sunlight of summer heat for approximately an hour. When I brought it back in, there was a tiny bit of shrinking. The foam material itself also feels much softer, and you can tell the heat is affecting the material.


But, again, it is important to understand that if you leave your Crocs in the sun for several hours or days in the extreme heat, they can shrink to the point where they will no longer fit. Storing them inside is best.

Can You Unshrink Crocs?

According to this resource by Feet and Shoes Guide, you can unshrink Crocs by re-heating them in boiling water for about 30 seconds, and then once they have cooled enough to where you can safely wear them, putting them on your foot to stretch them back out.

Of course, when you remove them from the boiling water, make sure you let the Crocs cool just enough so that they don’t harm your foot when you put them on. As a tip, it would be best to put on a sock to help buffer the heat from your foot.

If you don’t want to mess with a pot of boiling water, you may be able to heat them in the dryer instead.

Do Crocs Shrink in the Sun Enough to Affect Sizing?

Yes, as I mentioned above, if you leave your Crocs in the sun or extreme heat for a long enough period, the Crocs may shrink enough to make them unwearable. That said, if you take proper care of your Crocs and store them inside, this problem is avoidable.

But what if you want to keep your Crocs outside? My advice would to find a shaded spot on your patio or deck if possible. But even in the shade, if exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity, some shrinking may be possible. Storing them inside would be best.

Regarding sizing, in my experience, Crocs fit wide, but the overall length of the shoe is what I would describe as average. Here is a quick video I have on Crocs sizing:

If you want to do a deeper dive on sizing, visit my Crocs Sizing guide, where I use comparison photos like the ones below to compare Crocs to other popular shoe brands:

If you are worried about Crocs shrinking in the sun, another option you could consider is buying adjustable Crocs. These types of Crocs have adjustable straps so you can loosen, or tighten, the fit as needed.

Here is a look at the adjustable strap on my Crocs All Terrain clogs:


These types of adjustable Crocs also are very useful if you plan to use your Crocs outside, and need a more dependable fit. The adjustable strap makes the clog fit more secure against your foot.

Other Crocs Resources

As I mentioned earlier, I recently tried nine different types of Crocs, including these Crocs Specialist II clogs, to compare them on sizing, comfort, and design. To read more, visit my Crocs articles linked below:

The main takeaway regarding do Crocs shrink in the sun is, yes, expect your Crocs to shrink or warp if exposed to extreme heat. Storing them in a temperature controlled environment will be your best option.

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