My Crocs Classic Clog Review & Sizing Information Guide

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In this Crocs Classic Review I want to highlight the design features that separate the Crocs Classic Clog from other types of Crocs clogs. I own nine different types of Crocs clogs so I can give you a nice perspective on what makes the Crocs Classic unique, and how Crocs Classic sizing compares to other Crocs clogs, and other popular shoes.

**Verify Your Size**: Crocs has a sizing resource to help you find your perfect fit for Crocs Classic Sizing. Click here to view the sizing information available at (affiliate link takes you to

Crocs Classic Information

Weight0.43 pounds
Fit Roomy

My Thoughts on Crocs Classic Clogs

Crocs Classic Weight

My size 12 men’s Crocs Classic clogs weigh 0.43 pounds per shoe. This makes these Crocs Classic clogs tied for the most lightweight Crocs that I have tried (tied with Crocs Baya). Here I am weighing my Crocs Classic clogs size 12:


Below is a table comparing how the Crocs Classic weight compares to the other Crocs clogs that I have tried (Crocs weight). All the weights listed below are based off of one size 12 men’s shoe. I also provided links to those clogs in case you want more information on them:

Type of CrocsWeight (lbs)Photo
Crocs Classic0.43click here to view
Crocs Baya0.43click here to view
Crocs All Terrain0.56click here to view
Crocs Specialist0.60click here to view
Crocs Crocband0.60click here to view
Crocs LiteRide0.66click here to view
Crocs Bistro0.73click here to view
Crocs Bistro Pro0.83click here to view
Crocs On-the-Clock0.84click here to view

Crocs Classic Design

  • Venting – These Crocs Classic clogs have a ventilation holes on both the top and the side of the toe box area. This ventilation not only helps air flow, it also allows debris and water to exit the shoe. Here is a look at the ventilation on my Crocs Classics:
  • Heel Design – The Crocs Classic clogs have the standard open-heel design with pivoting heel strap. This pivoting heel strap is flexible, but not adjustable. Crocs does offer several types of adjustable heel strap clogs. If you prefer a customizable fit, the adjustable clogs may be the better option.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

  • Debris – These Crocs Classic clogs have ventilation holes that allow water and small debris to drain, and keep the shoe very breathable in hot weather. But, it is fair to point out that these ventilation holes also create opportunities for debris like small rocks to enter the shoe. Something to consider if you will be using these for outdoor recreation.
  • No LiteRide – I personally love the Crocs LiteRide insoles, and although these Crocs Classic clogs have the comfortable “CrosLite” foam cushioning common to Crocs, they don’t have the LiteRide insole. If you are unfamiliar with the LiteRide insole, it provides extra foam cushioning under the foot. The LiteRide insole is offered in several Crocs clogs. Click here to view LiteRide options available at (paid affiliate link takes you to In the video below, I tried to capture how soft the LiteRide insoles are (again, these are not included with the Classics):

Crocs Classic Sizing

In my experience, the Crocs Classic fits true to size. It has what Crocs calls a “roomy” fit, which is their roomiest, widest toe box. Don’t expect Crocs Classic clogs (or really any Crocs clogs) to fit narrow.

Crocs Classic clogs have a wide design, but I found the length of the Crocs Classic clogs to be true to size and pretty consistent when compared to other popular shoes.

It’s important to note that the heel strap is made with a flexible material that does have some give to it. This makes the strap more forgiving and easier to fit with your unique foot size. In this video I tried to capture how flexible the heel strap is:

Below are comparison photos I took for Crocs Classic sizing. As you can see, the toe box area is wider than most other types of shoes.

Crocs Classic Sizing vs Birkenstock


Crocs Classic Sizing vs Nike Air Max


Crocs Classic Sizing vs Nike Dunk


Crocs Classic Sizing vs Reebok Club C


Crocs Classic Sizing vs Air Jordan 1


Crocs Classic Sizing vs Nike Court Legacy


Crocs Classic Sizing vs Adidas Superstar


Crocs Classic Sizing vs Skechers


Crocs Classic Sizing vs Nike Waffle One


Crocs Classic Sizing vs K-Swiss Classic


Crocs Classic Sizing vs Merrell Hydro Moc


Crocs Classic Sizing vs Merrell Jungle Moc


Crocs Classic Sizing vs Nike Court Vision


Crocs Classic Sizing vs Hey Dude


Crocs Classic Sizing vs Vans


Crocs Classic Sizing vs Nike SB Force 58


Crocs Classic Sizing vs Merrell Antora


Other Crocs to Consider

As I mentioned earlier, I recently tried nine different types of Crocs, including these Crocs Classic clogs, to compare them on sizing, comfort, and design. To read more, visit my Crocs articles linked below:

Where to Buy Crocs Classic Clogs

The Crocs Classic Clog is the traditional Crocs style, with a ventilated toe and an open heel with heel strap. It has a roomy toe box, but I found my normal sizing to fit true to size (just don’t expect a narrow fit).

This Crocs Classic shoe is very comfortable and lightweight. Out of the nine types of Crocs that I tried, the Crocs Classic tied for the most lightweight (my size 12 weighs 0.43 pounds per shoe).

This is the current price of these Crocs Classic Clogs available at (paid affiliate link takes you to In my experience, the Crocs Classic Clogs fit true to size.

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