Crocs Crush Sizing Guide w/ Photos [Fit Big or Small?]

This Crocs Crush Sizing Guide uses direct comparison photos where I put my Crocs Crush shoes next to other popular shoes so you can see the difference in sizing. We will also discuss the overall width of the Crocs Crush. After trying these shoes, do Crocs Crush run big or small?

Crocs Crush fit true to size for most people and are sized very similar to other types of Crocs shoes. The Crocs Crush clog has a wider fit than the Crocs Crush sandal (many Crocs clogs have a wider design). For most people, normal sizing is best for the Crocs Crush. Click here to view side-by-side sizing photos comparing the Crocs Crush sandals to other popular brands. Click here to view side-by-side photos comparing the Crocs Classic clogs to other popular brands.

Let’s start this Crocs Crush Sizing Guide by looking at the direct side-by-side comparison photos of my Crocs Crush sandals compared to other popular shoes. Then let’s discuss other design specs of the Crocs Crush.

Crocs Crus Sizing Photos

All comparison photos below use a size 7 shoe. You may notice some shoes are pulled away from the wall – this is done to better align the heel in an attempt to portray accurate sizing difference.

Crocs Crush vs Vans Slip On Sizing


Crocs Crush vs Hey Dude Wendy Sox Sizing


Crocs Crush vs Birkenstock Sizing


Crocs Crush vs Columbia Sizing


Crocs Crush vs Ugg Sizing


Crocs Crush vs Under Armour Sizing


Crocs Crush vs Nike Air Max 1 Sizing


Crocs Crush vs Nike Internationalist Sizing


Crocs Crush vs New Balance 880 Sizing


Crocs Crush vs Skechers D’Lites Sizing


Crocs Crush vs Converse Chucks Sizing


Crocs Crush vs Keen Sizing


Crocs Crush vs Crocs Classic Clogs Sizing


Crocs Crush vs New Balance 574 Sizing


Crocs Crush vs Nike Blazer Sizing


Crocs Crush vs Air Force 1 Sizing


Crocs Crush vs Brooks Adrenaline Sizing


Crocs Crush vs Asics Gel Kayano Sizing


Are Crocs Crush Wide Fit?

Yes, Crocs fit wide. However, the width of the Crocs Crush will be dependent on the type of Crocs Crush shoe you purchase.

The Crocs Crush Classic Clog will fit wider than the Crocs Crush Sandal. The Crocs Crush Sandal has a more regular width.

Crocs Clogs are well-known for providing wider, roomier fits. For example, below is a photo of the Crocs Crush sandal compare to a Crocs Classic Clog:


The main takeaway is expect Crocs Crush Classic Clogs to have a roomy, wide design. The Crocs Crush Sandal will have a more regular width.

Do Crocs Crush Fit Tall?

Yes, the Crocs Crush do have a taller heel height than other types of Crocs. The Crocs Crush heel height measures at approximately 2.4 inches. This is true for both the Crocs Crush Sandal and the Crocs Crush Classic Clog.

Should I Size Up or Down for Crocs Crush Half Sizes?

Most types of Crocs do not come in half sizes. If you normally wear a half size, then this can create a difficult decision regarding sizing. Here’s my advice:

If you size down, I do think there is a reasonable chance the Crocs Crush are too short in length. If I was stuck between sizes, I personally would size up.

Another option you have if you are stuck between sizes is to buy a type of Crocs that has adjustable straps. These types of Crocs allow you to adjust the fit to properly secure the shoe to your foot. To see options, visit my article that discusses the different types of adjustable strap Crocs.

Other Crocs to Consider

There are many different types of Crocs, and if you think Crocs Crush sizing won’t be perfect for your feet, perhaps a different types of Crocs Clog or Crocs Sandal would be better.

This is where you can see a list of the different types of Crocs available. In that article we discuss the design differences of each type of Crocs.

If you want to compare the sizing of Crocs Crush to the sizing of other popular types of Crocs, then visit my Crocs Sizing Information Page that has more Crocs sizing comparison photos so you can compare the sizing of Crocs clogs to other popular brands.

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