Are Hey Dude Shoes Slip-Resistant? [My Experience + Options]

For many workplaces, shoes that a certified slip-resistant are not just helpful, but often required. Although Hey Dude shoes provide me with adequate traction, I was curious to find out if they offered any non-slip options, so I reached out to them. Are Hey Dude shoes slip resistant?

No, Hey Dude shoes are not certified as slip-resistant safety footwear. They do not currently offer any slip-resistant shoes.

To confirm this, I reached out to Hey Dude customer service. This was the response I got:

“We are sorry, but we don’t have any slip resistant shoes.” If you wish to reach out to Hey Dude shoes customer service to confirm, you can learn more by clicking here.

I have personally found Hey Dude shoes to provide adequate traction to fulfill my basic needs, but if you are working in wet or greasy conditions, Hey Dude shoes do not have certified slip-resistant outsoles. In my experience, Hey Dude shoes are best used for casual, informal settings that do not need a safety outsole.

Are Hey Dude Shoes Non Slip?

No, Hey Dude shoes are not certified as slip-resistant. They do not currently offer any slip-resistant shoes (see a list of popular Hey Dude shoes).

What are slip-resistant shoes?

Slip-resistant shoes are shoes designed with specific tread patterns that help maximize surface contact area while also working to channel water and other liquids out from underneath the foot. These types of slip-resistant shoes are often required in industries like food prep and automotive repair (among others).

It’s important to understand that many of the shoes you are familiar with are likely not slip-resistant. Most common types of shoes just have standard outsole patterns, and although they may provide adequate traction for casualwear, they don’t meet the safety requirements needed for certain workplaces.

Does Hey Dude Make Steel Toe Shoes?

My Experience with Hey Dude Shoes

Although Hey Dude shoes are not certified as slip-resistant, I found the traction to be adequate for my basic non-workplace needs. Meaning, when I wear them around town, they provide me the traction I need. Are Hey Dude Shoes Waterproof?

Here’s a look at the outsole tread pattern on one of my Hey Dude Wally Sox shoes:


Even though the Hey Dude Wally Sox shoes have a common looking outsole, it is not certified slip-resistant and shouldn’t be used for safety footwear.

For comparison, below is a photo of Crocs Bistro slip-resistant outsole:


As you can see, that Crocs Bistro shoe has those specially designed channels that make it certified slip-resistant.

Again, even though Hey Dude shoes are very comfortable to wear and provide me with adequate traction while I run errands around town, they are not certified as slip-resistant safety footwear. Are Hey Dudes good for winter?

Slip Resistant Hey Dude Alternatives

Even though Hey Dude shoes are not currently offered in slip-resistant safety options, there are certain types of slip-on style shoes that come in non-slip versions.

We already discussed the Crocs Bistro above (Crocs offers several styles of slip-resistant shoes). Here is a list of some types of slip-resistant slip-on shoes to consider:

  • Crocs – Not all Crocs clogs are slip-resistant, but they do have several options that are slip-resistant. This includes the Crocs Bistro Clog and Crocs On-the-Clock Clog. To read more, visit my article about workplace Crocs.
  • Vans – Not all Vans shoes are slip-resistant, but they do offer slip-resistant version of their classic slip-on shoes (it is called “Made for the Makers”). You can view it here. To read how they compare to Hey Dude shoes, visit my article about Hey Dudes vs Vans.
  • Lugz – Lugz does make some slip-resistant slip-on style shoes. You can view them by clicking here.
  • Skechers – Skechers has a wide range of work shoes, including many styles of slip-on non-slip shoes. You can view their options by clicking here.

The main takeaway is, although I found Hey Dude shoes to provide adequate traction for me as a casual shoe, they are not certified as slip-resistant safety footwear meant for the workplace.

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