Are Hey Dude Shoes Warm & Good for Winter Cold Weather [My Opinion]

Hey Dude shoes are well-known for being lightweight, comfortable, and long-lasting. The materials that go into Hey Dudes are chosen to make the shoes as comfortable and lightweight as possible. But what about winter? Are Hey Dude shoes warm enough for cold weather?

Most types of Hey Dude shoes are very lightweight and breathable, and because of that, they aren’t a great solution for cold weather. However, Hey Dude does offer a few types of winter shoes that have extra lining for warmth. In the article below you can see a list of the best Hey Dude shoes for winter.

In this article let’s take a closer look the reasons why Hey Dude shoes aren’t a great winter option, and what types of Hey Dude shoes are the warmest.

How Warm are Hey Dude Shoes?

We all love Hey Dude shoes because they are flexible, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. And because they are so comfortable, many people want to wear them as much as possible. But because most types of Hey Dude shoes are lightweight and breathable, they’re not warm enough for cold weather.

Hey Dudes are made with proper air circulation in mind so that the wearer’s feet can breathe and stay sweat-free during the summer.

The shoes’ outsoles are made from EVA, which is a lightweight, airy material. The uppers, on the other hand, are often made from canvas, cotton-canvas blends, or polyester. All of those materials are exceptionally breathable.

As a result, because sweaty feet aren’t an issue in Hey Dudes, you might see a lot of people wearing them without socks.

In cooler weather, wearing socks with a pair of Hey Dudes can keep your feet warm. However, in the dead of winter, the shoes’ high breathability will prevent your feet from retaining any heat to keep you warm.

But it is important to understand that Hey Dude does offer a few types of winter-specific shoes, which you can learn more about here.

Are Hey Dudes Good for Snow?

Hey Dude shoes aren’t suitable for wearing in the snow. Even the Hey Dudes from the winter collection shouldn’t be worn in the snow. Unfortunately, regular Hey Dude shoes are not waterproof.

Most Hey Dude shoes are made from suede and leather. None of these materials are waterproof or resistant to water. Rather, they absorb a lot of water, which can keep your feet cold and potentially damage the shoe.

Also, snow is one of leather and suede’s worst enemies. Moisture, in general, dries out those materials, which can lead to permanent damage.

Still, it’s worth noting that because Hey Dude shoes aren’t made to be worn in snow, they don’t have proper traction for ice. As a result, wearing Hey Dude shoes in the snow won’t give your feet enough grip on the ground, which can lead to slipping.

What Types of Hey Dudes Are Warmest?

Here is a list of some of Hey Dude’s best shoes for winter:

  • Hey Dude Wally Corduroy – Hey Dude does offer their signature Hey Dude Wally shoe in a corduroy version that features a wool-blend lining for add warmth. This is where you can view this Hey Dude Wally Corduroy shoe.
  • Hey Dude Wendy Lined – Hey Dude also offers their popular women’s shoe in a lined version. This version has a faux-fur lining for warmth. Click here to view these shoes.
  • Lined Hey Dude Booties – Hey Dude also offers a selection of ankle-high booties that have a faux-fur lining for extra warmth. Click here to see the Hey Dude booties.

One of Hey Dude’s warmest shoe collections is the AW16 collection. This shoe collection is extensive, with options ranging from slip-ons to Derby shoes and boots. Most, if not all, of the shoes in this fall/winter collection are lined with faux fur for extra insulation. The uppers are also made from suede, which is super warm but breathable.

The AW16 collection also offers the Vigo Easy Life Boots, which are unisex leather boots. The uppers of these boots have a waterproof lining that provides ankle-high protection against wet weather. These boots are also insulated with a faux fur lining.

Hey Dude also has a wool collection, in which the entire upper of the shoes is made of a natural wool and polyester blend. This material choice makes the shoes more comfortable and breathable while keeping your feet warm.

Just remember, Hey Dude shoes that have extra lining may fit a little tighter than regular Hey Dude sizing.

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