Which Filson Jackets are Waterproof or Water-Resistant & Good for Rain? [A Complete Guide]

When it comes to outdoor apparel, Filson offers a range of jackets that provide protection against the elements. Filson offers several types of jackets that are either waterproof or water-resistant. Waterproof jackets are built to repel heavy precipitation while water-resistant jackets are built to repel light to moderate precipitation.

Below is a list of the most popular Filson Waterproof Jackets and Filson Water-Resistant Jackets:

  • Filson Skagit Rain Jacket – This jacket is waterproof and built for heavy precipitation. It has a durable, tightly-woven nylon shell with a waterproof/breathable membrane laminated to its interior. The membrane is full of millions of microporous holes that are too tiny for water to penetrate, yet allow vapors to escape so you don’t sweat out of this jacket. Click here to view this Filson waterproof jacket at Filson.com (paid affiliate link takes you to Filson.com).
  • Lined Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket: This jacket is built more for warmth and toughness. It is water-resistant, which means it repels light to moderate precipitation. It use Filson’s popular, ultra-durable Tin Cloth fabric that has a wax finishes to make it water-resistant. It features four cargo pockets, hand pockets, and a rear pocket, and is compatible with Filson button-on hoods for additional protection. Click here to view this jacket at Filson.com (paid affiliate link takes you to Filson.com).
  • Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket: The classic Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser isn’t built for heavy precipitation, but it does great in light to moderate precipitation. The wool is naturally water-resistant, but if the jacket does become damp, this premium wool is known for its wind resistance and insulation properties, even when wet. This jacket has four cargo pockets for ample storage space. Click here to view this jacket at Filson.com (paid affiliate link takes you to Filson.com).
  • Filson Swiftwater Rain Jacket – This jacket is lightweight and easy to pack. It is waterproof and built for heavy precipitation. It has a waterproof/breathable membrane laminated to its interior and it zips all the way to the chin for max protection. This jacket is available in men’s and women’s versions. Click here to view this Filson waterproof jacket at Filson.com (paid affiliate link takes you to Filson.com).
  • Tin Cloth Short Lined Cruiser: A variant of the Cruiser jacket from earlier, only this model features a shorter length that finishes above the belt. It is made with 14-oz. oil finish Tin Cloth. It offers water resistance and durability, with snap-flap cargo pockets and a lining for added versatility. Click here to view this Filson water resistant jacket at Filson.com (paid affiliate link takes you to Filson.com).
  • Seattle Wool Jac-Shirt: Made with 18-oz. wool, this Jac-Shirt provides excellent wind resistance and insulation, even when wet. Its versatile design makes it suitable as a heavy shirt, overshirt, or light jacket, and the two chest pockets offer convenient storage. Made to repel light precipitation. Click here to view this jacket at Filson.com (paid affiliate link takes you to Filson.com).

There are several things you will need to consider when choosing a jacket. Do you need something for heavy rain or light rain? What type of outer-shell fabric do you need? How much insulation do you need? Do you want a hood?

In this article I will take a closer look at the best Filson waterproof jackets and Filson water-resistant jackets so you can find an option that fits your needs.

Filson Waterproof Jackets vs Water-Resistant Jackets

Waterproof jackets are designed to prevent water from penetrating through, even under prolonged exposure to heavy rain, offering a high level of protection. Water-resistant jackets do not offer the same level of water protection. Water-resistant jackets can repel light to moderate rain and drizzle.

While waterproof jackets provide complete water protection, water-resistant jackets offer a degree of water repellency suitable for activities with moderate moisture exposure but not prolonged or heavy downpours.

Here are some of Filson’s most popular types of waterproof or water-resistant jackets, and the level of protection you can expect:

Jacket TypeMaterialWater ResistanceRecommended Use
Tin Cloth JacketsOil-Finish CottonWater-ResistantLight to Moderate Precipitation
Mackinaw Wool JacketsWoolWater-ResistantLight Precipitation
Skagit Rain JacketsRain Cloth™ NylonWaterproofHeavy Precipitation
Shelter/Cover Cloth JacketsOil-Finish CottonWater-ResistantLight to Moderate Precipitation
Swiftwater Rain JacketsRipstop NylonWaterproofHeavy Precipitation

Water-resistant jackets are perfect for casual wear when you won’t be spending extended time out in the rain. They’re also very popular for jobs that will face light precipitation instead of heavy rain storms. For heavy rain, I would advise you to use a fully waterproof jacket.

Filson Waterproof Jackets

Two of the most popular types of Filson waterproof jackets are the Filson Skagit Jacket and the Filson Swiftwater Jacket.

The Filson Skagit Jacket is the more durable option of the two, and offers more pocket storage, but the Filson Swiftwater Jacket is easier to pack. They both are designed for heavy rain and have waterproof, breathable membranes laminated to the inside of the jacket.

Here is a chart comparing these two popular types of Filson Waterproof Jackets:

FeaturesFilson Skagit Rain JacketFilson Swiftwater Rain Jacket
Waterproof/Breathable✓ Filson Rain Cloth™ fabric combined with breathable waterproof membrane✓ 2.5-layer shell with waterproof membrane for breathability
Outer Shell✓ 5.3-oz. nylon shell resistant to punctures and tears✓ 3.8-oz. ripstop nylon shell for lightweight performance
Pockets✓ Large center-entry zippered pockets✓ Zippered side pockets but less storage than Skagit jacket
Hood and Zip✓ Two-way adjustable hood and hem with zip to chin✓ Two-way adjustable hood with zip to chin
Customize✓ Adjustable cuffs and a relaxed fit so you can layer if needed✓ Adjustable cuffs and a relaxed fit so you can layer if needed
Packability✗ Not easy to pack compared to Swiftwater jacket✓ Lightweight and packable design, easily storable in a backpack
Toughness✗ More durable than the Swiftwater Jacket, but not as durable as the water-resistant Tin Cloth Jackets we discuss later✗ Will not provide as much durability as the Skagit Rain Jacket

Filson Skagit Rain Jacket

The Filson Skagit Rain Jacket is a durable and versatile garment designed to withstand harsh weather conditions for workers across various industries. Whether you’re facing heavy rain or challenging outdoor environments, this jacket is built to provide reliable protection.

This Filson waterproof jacket features Filson’s Rain Cloth™ waterproof fabric, which consists of a tough nylon shell with a waterproof/breathable membrane. The jacket’s seams are fully sealed to ensure complete water resistance.

The interior of the jacket includes a brushed tricot backer that adds warmth and aids in moisture dispersion. With its two-way adjustable hood and hem, this jacket can be customized for a snug fit and protection against wind and rain.

It also includes large zippered fly-box pockets, high-set handwarmer pockets, and an interior security pocket, providing ample storage options for tools, gadgets, or personal belongings. The neoprene cinch-adjustable cuffs create a secure seal, keeping water out even in the harshest conditions.

Additionally, the jacket features webbing loops that can be used for gear attachment or accessory storage. The relaxed fit of the Skagit Rain Jacket allows for easy layering underneath, accommodating midweight clothing for added warmth.

Click here to view this Filson waterproof jacket at Filson.com (paid affiliate link takes you to Filson.com). This jacket is made from a 5.3-oz. nylon fabric that is highly resistant to punctures and tears, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Filson Swiftwater Rain Jacket

The Filson Swiftwater Rain Jacket is a versatile and reliable garment designed to meet the needs of workers in various industries. This lightweight and packable jacket offers exceptional waterproof protection while remaining breathable and comfortable.

This Filson waterproof jacket is constructed with a 2.5-layer shell made from 100% recycled 3.8-oz. ripstop nylon, featuring a waterproof membrane that prevents water from penetrating while allowing heat and vapors to escape. The jacket is fully seam-sealed to ensure unfailing protection in even the wettest conditions.

It incorporates water-resistant zippers, including a front zipper with an interior storm flap and zipper garage to prevent neck-pinching. The two-way adjustable hood and adjustable cuffs provide a customizable fit to seal out wind and water.

The Swiftwater Rain Jacket is designed with a relaxed fit, allowing room for medium to heavy layers underneath, making it suitable for a variety of weather conditions. It is also highly packable and can be easily rolled up into its own hood for convenient storage.

Whether you’re an outdoor worker or need reliable rain protection in your profession, the Filson Swiftwater Rain Jacket offers lightweight and dependable waterproof functionality. Click here to view this Filson waterproof jacket at Filson.com (paid affiliate link takes you to Filson.com).

Filson Water-Resistant Jackets

Filson Mackinaw Wool Jackets

Filson Mackinaw Wool jackets take advantage of the natural properties of wool to provide a unique approach to water resistance. Wool has inherent water-repellent qualities that allow it to shed water and resist saturation.

Filson makes these Mackinaw Wool jackets using tightly woven wool fibers. This tight weave creates a barrier against moisture, preventing it from easily penetrating the fabric. As a result, Mackinaw Wool jackets offer a degree of water resistance that makes them suitable for damp or misty conditions.

The Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket was originally designed for foresters working in the rain-soaked Pacific Northwest forests, so obviously these wool work jackets can stand up to some difficult (and wet) work environments.

However, it is still important to understand that these jackets are not built to be fully waterproof. If you expose them to heavy rain for an extended amount of time, they will eventually become saturated. If you need protection against heavy precipitation, my advice is to stick with a Filson waterproof jacket.

In the video below, I test the waterproofness of my Filson Wool Jacket:

I think the most important aspect of these jackets is the premium wool that Filson uses is designed to retain its insulating qualities even if it does become damp. I also like the fact that these Filson wool jackets are still made in the USA.

These jackets can take a beating. Filson 24-ounce Mackinaw Wool can be bent and flexed 20,000 times without breaking. However, even though these jackets are tough, they won’t provide the durability that a Filson Tin Cloth, Filson Shelter Cloth, or Filson Cover Cloth cotton jacket will (I discuss those options next).

These jackets are a popular option for outdoor enthusiasts and workers who need dependable, water-resistant outerwear, but don’t want to wear a stiff cotton jacket. The most popular type of Filson Wool Jacket is the Filson Mackinaw Cruiser Jacket. Click here to view this Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket at Filson.com (paid affiliate link takes you to Filson.com).

Filson Tin Cloth Jackets

Filson’s Tin Cloth jackets are crafted using a tightly woven, heavyweight cotton fabric that is specially designed for durability and functionality in the outdoors. These are often considered to be the best Filson work jackets due to the premium abrasion resistance.

To enhance the fabric’s performance, Filson applies an oil finish to the Tin Cloth jackets. This oil finish serves two important purposes. First, it adds an extra layer of durability to the fabric, making it highly resistant to tears, snags, and abrasions. This ruggedness ensures that the jacket can withstand the rigors of outdoor work.

The oil finish is also what makes the jacket water-resistant and capable of handling light to moderate precipitation. Still, for heavier rain you will want to opt for a Filson waterproof jacket (Filson Tin Cloth is not completely waterproof).

In the video below, I test the waterproofness of my Filson Tin Cloth Jacket:

You will need to periodically re-apply the wax coating (approximately once a year) to ensure that these Filson Tin Cloth jackets remain water-resistant (Filson also sells wax).

Filson uses this Tin Cloth fabric in many types of jackets. The most popular is the Filson Lined Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket. Click here to view this Filson water resistant jacket at Filson.com (paid affiliate link takes you to Filson.com).

One potential downside to Filson Tin Cloth workwear jackets is because they are built to be ultra-durable, there is a break-in period and the jacket can feel a bit stiff at first. If you prefer something a little less rugged (but still durable), the Filson Shelter Cloth and Filson Cover Cloth jackets I discuss next might be the better option.

Filson Shelter/Cover Cloth Jackets

Filson’s Shelter Cloth and Cover Cloth jackets are another durable cotton outer shell fabric that is often treated with an oil wax finish to make the material water-resistant.

I like to think of it like this – Filson Tin Cloth Jackets (which we discussed above) are the most durable type of cotton shell Filson offers. Filson Tin Cloth is a heavyweight fabric, Filson Shelter Cloth is a midweight fabric, and Filson Cover Cloth is the most lightweight type of oil-finish cotton fabric they offer.

Essentially, Filson is offering you a range of toughness that you need for your outer shell fabric, and they are treating these outer-shell cotton fabrics with an oil finish to make them resistant to water.

Even though Filson Shelter Cloth and Filson Cover Cloth is not as durable as Filson Tin Cloth, these jackets are still known for being durable and built for rugged work. The tight weave of the fabric enhances resistance to tears, snags, and abrasions.

Due to their slightly heavier weight and increased durability, Filson Shelter Cloth jackets provide a bit more insulation and protection compared to Filson Cover Cloth jackets. It is important to note that other aspects of the jacket can also impact durability, so be sure to consider all features.

This is just me speculating, but I believe that another one of the benefits of these two types of material (compared to Filson Tin Cloth) is it is easier to combine these two materials with down insulation (because they aren’t quite as thick and heavy).

For example, Filson offers a water-resistant jacket that combines these two materials with 650-fill power goose down called the Filson Down Cruiser. Click here to view this jacket at Filson.com (paid affiliate link takes you to Filson.com). I think the Filson Down Cruise is one of the warmest Filson jackets available.

These Filson Shelter Cloth and Filson Cover Cloth water-resistant jackets are a great option if you need something durable, but you think the Filson Tin Cloth workwear is too rugged.

Nylon Shell Jackets with DWR Coating

In addition to their cotton-based jackets, Filson also offers a range of jackets with a nylon shell that has been treated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating. These types of nylon Filson Water-Resistant Jackets are often lightweight and easier to pack.

What makes this DWR coating different than a waterproof jacket? This DWR coating prevents water from saturating the jacket’s outer shell fabric, but a waterproof membrane would still be needed to make the jacket fully waterproof (to prevent water from penetrating to the jacket’s interior).

So even though these types of jackets hold up well in the rain, don’t think of these jackets as fully waterproof unless they also have a waterproof membrane. If you are heading into extreme rain, I would advise you to stick with a Filson waterproof jacket that uses a waterproof membrane.

The nylon shell fabric used in these jackets is popular because it is lightweight and flexible, but still known for its excellent durability and resistance to tearing. The DWR coating further enhances the fabric’s water resistance.

The DWR treatment forms a molecular barrier on the surface of the fabric, causing water to bead up and roll off rather than being absorbed. However, it’s important to note that the DWR coating may wear off over time. To maintain optimal water repellency, you will need to periodically reapply a DWR treatment.

Nylon shell jackets are lightweight and packable compared to heavyweight jackets. Filson’s nylon shell jackets with DWR coating combine lightweight design, packability, and excellent water resistance, making them a versatile choice with reliable protection against moisture.

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