How Much Do New Balance 877 Shoes Weigh? [Comparison Weight Chart]

Recently I purchased over 30 types of New Balance shoes, including the New Balance 877, so I could compare them on many things, including weight. How much do New Balance 877 shoes weigh?

New Balance 877 shoes weigh 15.2 ounces (0.95 pounds) per shoe for a size 12 men’s shoe. When I tried over 30 different types of New Balance shoes, this is how the 877 compared to other options.

When I weighed over 30 New Balance shoes, I found the average weight to be 0.89 pounds for a size 12 men’s shoe. This means the New Balance 877 weighs more than the overall average weight based on the shoes that I tried (but it did weigh less than many other walking shoes).

In this article let’s take a closer look at New Balance 877 weight and how it compares to other popular New Balance shoes.

New Balance 877 Weight

The New Balance 877v1 is a walking shoe that prioritizes support and stability under the foot. It is made with a suede/mesh upper, which not only makes it more breathable than many types of all-leather New Balance walking shoes, it also helps keep the weight down a little bit.

But if you are looking for an ultra-lightweight shoe, there will be better options (see my favorites).

My size 12 men’s New Balance 877 shoes weigh 0.95 pounds per shoe (15.2 ounces):


877 Weight Compared to Other Shoes

After trying over 30 different types of New Balance shoes, below is a weight chart comparing the New Balance 877 weight to all the other New Balance shoes that I tried:

*Weights below are based off of one size 12 men’s shoe.

FC Rebel0.548.64
FF Roav0.619.76
FC Propel0.6510.4
FF Arishi0.6510.4
FF Cruz0.6911.04
FF More0.6911.04
FF Hierro0.7411.84

This is where you can see the list of shoes that I liked better than the 877 shoes.

To read more about each of these shoes, visit my article that lists the weights of all New Balance shoes.

What Affects the New Balance 877 Weight?

Because the 877 is made with a suede upper, it is heavier than New Balance running shoes. But if you compare this shoe to many of the other all-leather New Balance shoes (813, 928, 608, 577, etc), this shoe is one of the most lightweight walking shoes that New Balance offers.

Here’s the material on mine:


One thing I really like about these shoes is they are very breathable compared to other walking shoes, and the collar area is very padded. This creates a comfortable fit that doesn’t trap in as much heat as leather walking shoes.

Here’s a look at the padding near the collar:


The 877 is also one of the most flexible types of New Balance walking shoes that I tried. The shoe does not feel stiff on my feet.

In the videos below, I tried to capture how flexible these shoes are:

And to give you a better idea how the New Balance 877 shoe fits and responds on a foot, here I am wearing my shoes:

Still, even though this shoe is comfortable, I actually thought the New Balance 1080 was the most comfortable. The 1080 provides that “squishy” comfort under the foot that really helps reduce impact stress. Click here to see video of how the 1080 responds on my foot.

Shoes Similar to the New Balance 877

If you are interested in the New Balance 877 because you need athletic/walking shoes, New Balance actually has several options you should consider. Here’s what you need to know:

  • New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v12 – This 1080 shoe was the most comfortable shoe that I tried. If you are looking for a lightweight, ultra-comfortable athletic shoe, this is my favorite. It has that “squishy” feeling to provide comfort under the foot (show me how the 1080 responds on a foot). But the 877 will provide more support than this shoe.
  • New Balance MW840 – This is actually my favorite New Balance walking shoe. It has a leather upper, but is more breathable than other leather shoes. And I think it is the most comfortable New Balance shoe around the ankle (show me how the MW840 responds on a foot). The MW840 weighs a little bit less than the 877.
  • New Balance 1540 – The 1540 is one of the most supportive athletic shoes on the market (show me how the 1540 responds on a foot). If you prioritize support/stability in your running/walking shoes, this is an option you will want to consider. But it does weigh more than the 877 (see weight difference).

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