Levi’s 527 Review (How They Fit, Shrink)

This is a Levi’s 527 review. The 527 jeans are a slim boot cut style. I have been wearing the 527 jeans as my go-to work jeans for several years. Levi’s actually offers more than just one boot cut style. Before we start the review, here’s what you need to know specifically about Levi’s different styles of boot cut jeans:

  • Levi’s Men’s 517 Bootcut Jeans – This may be Levi’s most popular pair of boot cut jeans (even over the 527 jeans). This style fits quite similarly to the 527 jeans, but is made with 100% cotton. Fit true-to-size.
  • Levi’s Men’s 527 Slim Fit Bootcut Jeans – These are my go-to work jeans and the jeans we review in this article. Slim fit. Fabric varies by color (some stretch, some 100% cotton). Fitted through the thigh with a boot opening. Classic styling.
  • Signature by Levi Strauss Gold Label Bootcut Jeans – Signature is sort of a sister brand to Levi’s (both owned by Levi Strauss). These are classic boot cut jeans with a regular fit (not too tight or too baggy). Flex denim for comfort. One minor difference is these jeans will not have the red Levi’s label on the back pocket.
  • Levi’s Men’s 513 Slim Straight Jeans – These 513 jeans may not be boot cut, but they still have a wide 16.25″ leg opening that can be paired with certain styles of boots. These give you another option if you are looking for more of a slimmer cut to pair with boots. Many colors available (most 100% cotton).

In this Levi 527 review we will focus specifically on the Levi’s 527 jeans, and I will use photos of the 527 jeans I own. Here are the main issues we will discuss regarding these jeans:

  • Why I like these 527 jeans
  • How do Levi’s 527 jeans fit?
  • Do Levi’s 527 jeans shrink?
  • How long do Levi’s 527 jeans last?

Levi 527 Review

Why I Like Levi’s 527 Jeans

I personally don’t like super-baggy jeans. I prefer jeans to have a slimmer fit, but I also don’t like skinny jeans. These jeans have a perfect in-between fit for me – they aren’t too tight or too baggy.


Another reason I like these jeans is they are made with the flex fabric. Now, it is important to note that certain colors in the 527 jeans are made with 100% cotton, so the fabric will vary. The jeans I buy have the flex fabric and it makes these jeans incredibly easy to move in and work in.

I can bend, kneel, and crouch and these jeans have the flexibility to handle it. When you combine the flexibility with the fit, these are the perfect boot cut work jeans for me, and that is why I have stuck with them for several years.


Levi’s 527 Sizing

Levi’s offers a wide variety of sizing and fits so that you can find a pair of jeans that works for you. Of course, if you are ordering online you may be wondering about the sizing. Do Levi’s 527 jeans run true to size?

How Do Levi’s 527 Jeans Fit?

Levi’s 527 jeans run true to size. I have always ordered my normal sizing for the 527 jeans and (in my experience) they have always fit.

The 527 jeans are a slim fit boot cut jean, so they obviously fit a bit slim through the thighs (read more about Levi’s slim jeans for men). You can expect them to be fitted through the thigh, then loosen into a boot cut at the bottom.

***The 527 jeans fit very similarly to the Levi 517 boot cut jeans. To take a closer look at the difference between the 527 and 517 jeans, visit our article Levi 517 vs 527. To read about more boot cut options for men, visit our article Beast Jeans for Work Boots.

But again, as far as waist and length, I have never had to size up or size down with these jeans. They have always had a true-to-size fit. Here are some pictures of me wearing my 527 jeans (again, I mainly wear these for work jeans, but they could easily be casual jeans as well):


Here I am wearing my 527 jeans with a Carhartt hoodie:


Here I am wearing my 527 jeans with a Dri Duck work jacket (gray) and a Carhartt work jacket (brown):


Again, as I mentioned earlier, the fabric in the 527 jeans can vary by color. Some fabrics have flex material, others are 100% cotton. I wear the flexible fabric because it is much more comfortable and convenient to work in. The fit around the waist is very comfortable due to the material.

Do Levi’s 527 jeans shrink?

Now for one of the most important issues, especially for sizing: do Levi’s 527 jeans shrink?

Yes, Levi’s 527 jeans shrink, but the total amount of shrinkage is relatively minimal. I do see a small amount of shrinkage in my 527 jeans over time, but I do tumble dry them on high heat at times. If you avoid high heat, good chance you see less shrinkage than I have. Here are the care instructions:


Here is a pair of 527 jeans I’ve washed and tumble-dried about 20 times compared to a brand new pair of 527’s:


As you can see, there is definitely a little bit of shrinking there. For me, I don’t mind it. But it is important for me to again stress that I tumble dry mine on high heat. If you follow their care instructions, you will most likely see less shrinkage.

How long do Levi’s 527 jeans last?

I get good life out of my 527 jeans. Just like any pair of jeans, after long-term use I start to see a little wear around the pockets, but I get very reasonable life out of these jeans and that’s why I have stuck with them.


One thing I do appreciate about these jeans also is I have had no issues with the buttons or zippers. I’ve gone through several pairs of these 527 jeans over the years, and personally have never had a button pop off or a zipper break, which is nice.

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