Levi 514 Jeans: Everything You Need to Know

The Levi 514 jeans are a very popular pair of jeans for men who don’t like a slim fit, but still want something that looks clean cut and not too baggy. In this article we will take a closer look at the Levi 514 jeans, including topics like Levi 514 fit and sizing, best Levi 514 colors, and if you can expect the 514 jeans to shrink. 

Levi 514 Fit

What are Levi 514 Jeans?

Levi 514 men’s jeans are classic straight fit jeans. They have a straight fit for the hip through the ankle. But what exactly is a straight fit jean? Perhaps you’ve heard of a straight fit before, but how do straight fit jeans actually fit?

The truth is the fit of straight leg jeans can vary a bit company to company. Some brands have straight fit jeans that show a bit of shape, while other brands have straight fit jeans that are a bit loose. In my opinion, after wearing the Levi 514 jeans, they are what I personally consider a more relaxed straight leg jean (meaning they don’t hug your legs in any area). Let’s take a closer look.

Levi 514 Sizing

How do 514 jeans fit?

As we discussed earlier, the Levi 514 jeans are straight fit jeans. In my experience, expect these jeans to be one of the more relaxed straight leg jeans that Levi offers. For example, I found the 514 to fit looser than both the 501 straight and the 505 straight.

Do not expect the 514 jeans to fit tight against your leg, but because these are straight leg jeans, and not loose-fit jeans, they aren’t too baggy. I like to think of the 514 jeans as professional, relaxed jeans. They are a sort of in-between – they don’t hug your legs like slim jeans, but they also aren’t so baggy that they are sloppy.

If you are looking for a fit that looks clean and professional, but in no way rides tight like skinny jeans, then the 514 jeans will be perfect for you. These jeans have a low rise and are built to sit below the waist.

Here is a look at how my Levi 514 jeans fit:


Here is a look at how Levi’s 514 jeans fit near the ankle:


Do 514 jeans fit true to size?

I ordered my normal sizing for the 514 jeans and did not have a problem. Based on my experience, my recommendation is to order your normal sizing (meaning to order your normal waist and inseam measurements).

Levi 514 Sizing Chart

If you are looking for the official Levi 514 Sizing Chart, you can access it here (affiliate link takes you to Levi.com). But again, understand that these jeans fit straight from hip through the ankle, and generally run true-to-size in the waist and inseam. Levi 514 sizing may fluctuate slightly depending on the type of fabric used.

Are all Levi 514 jeans straight fit?

Yes, all Levi 514 jeans are straight fit. If you are looking for more of a slim fit jean, that shows some shape, you will want to check out the Levi 514 jeans.

Levi 514 Alternatives

Both the Levi 501 and Levi 505 jeans are straight fit jeans. Both of these jeans have a slightly different fit than the 514 jeans. To read more about how the 501 jeans compare to the 514 jeans, visit our article Levi 501 vs 514. To read more about how the Levi 505 jeans compare to the Levi 514 jeans, visit our article Levi 505 vs 514. Both of those article use real photos to compare Levi sizing and fit.

Are all 514 Jeans Stretch?

Stretch fabric jeans have become very popular over recent years as consumers seek out jeans that are comfortable to move around in. Not all people prefer stretch jeans however – some actually prefer 100% cotton. Are all 514 jeans stretch?

Although not all 514 jeans are stretch, the large majority are. Most Levi 514 jeans are made with a cotton/elastane blend which helps create a fit that moves when you move.

Do Levi 514 Jeans Shrink?

Yes, most pairs of Levi’s 514 jeans will shrink a little bit over time, but overall, the total amount of shrinkage is quite minimal. If you care for them as instructed on the tags, the impact of the shrinkage should not have a serious affect on fit.

Again, it is important to remember that the fabric blend can change depending on the color of 514 jeans you choose. Overall, expect minimal shrinkage, but it may fluctuate depending on fabric blend.

Best Levi 514 Colors

In my opinion, these are the 3 best Levi 514 colors:

  • Black Stone – Actually not black, but instead a medium to dark blue blend.
  • Birdman – A darker blue that looks good both professionally and casually. 
  • Native Cali – A black jean color.

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