Dickies Shirts Sizing Guide [Fit Big or Small?]

In this article we discuss how Dickies shirts fit, both t-shirts and work shirts. In general, Dickies shirts run true-to-size, but it can vary a bit depending on the specific shirt. Here is a quick size description of some of Dickies most popular shirts (and some other options for comparison):

Work Shirts

  • Dickies Short-Sleeve Button-Front Work Shirt – This is probably my favorite Dickies work shirt. Classic, traditional style. Collared. Button front. Wrinkle-resistant. Standard fit runs true to size. Great for service technicians. Not too baggy or too loose.
  • Dickies Long-Sleeve Button-Front Work Shirt – Long-sleeve version of Dickies classic work shirt. Collared with button front. Sturdy cotton/poly fabric with a standard fit that runs true to size.
  • Dickies Long-Sleeve Denim Work Shirt – 100% cotton denim work shirt. Button front. Classic design. This shirt has a regular fit that runs true to size.

Compare to:

  • Carhartt Chambray Button-Front Long-Sleeve Work Shirt – More of a relaxed fit. Will fit a bit bigger than Dickies shirts for those that prefer extra room. 100% cotton pre-washed for softness. Has two chest pockets.
  • Wrangler Riggs Workwear Logger Long-Sleeve Button Workshirt – Button-front with two chest pockets. 100% cotton. Button-down collars. Standard fit that runs true to size.


  • Dickies Heavyweight Crew Neck Short-Sleeve Tee – 100% Heavyweight cotton t-shit. Front chest pocket with pencil pocket. Tagless collar. Classic work t-shirt that has a standard, true-to-size fit. Not too loose or too baggy.
  • Dickies Short-Sleeve Performance Cooling Tee – Here is your summer option. Material blend wicks moisture away to keep you dry. Cooling effect triggered by your sweat. Fits a bit slimmer than other work shirts, but true to size. Not a baggy fit.
  • Dickies Long-Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck Tee – Long sleeve option for those cooler days. 100% Heavyweight cotton t-shit. Front chest pocket with pencil pocket. Tagless collar. Standard sizing.

Compare to:

  • Carhartt Workwear Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt (K87) – Loose fit. Carhartt’s most popular work tee. Front chest pocket. Classic t-shirt design. This t-shirt has a generous cut to give workers plenty of space to move. It tends to run big. If you don’t like a loose fit, size down.
  • Hanes Long-Sleeve Henley T-Shirt – Budget friendly. Henley work t-shirt. Heavyweight cotton. Tagless collar. No front chest pocket. This shirt runs true to size with a standard cut.

Here is a look at one of Dickies most popular work shirts, their heavyweight crew neck t-shirt:


Most people want work shirts that give them a relaxed fit to freely move around in, and enough length for coverage when bending and kneeling. In general, Dickies does a good job at providing you room to move in their work shirts, and enough length for total coverage when bending.

Common questions surrounding Dickies work shirts are:

  • Do Dickies shirts run big or small?
  • Do Dickies shirts shrink?
  • How do Dickies shirts compare to Carhartt shirts?

Let’s discuss Dickies shirts in general, but also look at some specific Dickies shirts and how they fit. We will also compare the popular Dickies heavyweight t-shirt to the popular Carhartt K87 t-shirt so that you can decide which one makes the most sense for you.

***Don’t forget we also discuss the sizing of some of Dickies most popular jackets. To read more, visit our article How Do Dickies Jackets Fit?


Dickies Shirt Sizing

Although Dickies has a fairly consistent, standard sizing through all of their shirts (both button-front work shirts and t-shirts), let’s split this into two different sections for more detail:

  • How do Dickies work shirts fit?
  • How do Dickies t-shirts fit?

How Do Dickies Work Shirts Fit?

Dickies button-front work shirts have a standard fit and run true-to-size in most all cases. Their cut is sort of an in between cut that isn’t too loose or too tight.


One of Dickies most popular button-front work shirts is their short-sleeve button-front work shirt. This shirt is perfect for service technicians and other types of trades who need a formal looking work shirt that isn’t too dressy. It has a classic, traditional style.

This shirt works well both tucked or untucked, buttoned or unbuttoned. The fabric isn’t heavy to wear, but it has a durable feel to it that gives it long-term life. It is sort of a versatile shirt you can use as a work shirt or a casual shirt. Again, it has a formal look without being too dressy.

I would describe the fit as a standard cut that runs true to size. This shirt isn’t too baggy or too loose. If you are looking for something that is ultra-slim, you will want to look elsewhere. Here I am wearing a size medium (6’3″ 200 pounds):


Dickies also makes this classic button-front shirt in a long-sleeve version. It has much of the same construction and fit as the short-sleeve version. To read more about these shirts, visit our article about Shirts for Mechanics.

How do Dickies T-Shirts Fit?

Dickies t-shirt are a popular option due to the fact that they offer a dependable work shirt at a reasonable price. Yes, there are more expensive work t-shirts out there, but the Dickies shirts provide a quality work t-shirt without breaking the budget.

You have a couple different options if you are looking for a Dickies work t-shirt. The most popular is their heavyweight crew t-shirt. This is your basic heavyweight cotton t-shirt that has a standard true-to-size fit.

Do not expect the Dickies heavyweight crew t-shirt to have a slim fit. It has a spacious fit with a long tail so that you have plenty of coverage and plenty of space to move around and work while wearing this shirt.

One thing I appreciate about these shirts is, in my experience, they have had minimal shrinkage. Here is a look at my size medium Dickies heavyweight crew (6’3″ 200 pounds):


Here is a look at my size medium Dickies heavyweight t-shirt compared to a size medium Hanes undershirt straight out of the package:


As you can see, not only is it a looser fit than a Hanes t-shirt, it also has more length so you have coverage when bending and kneeling.

They also make a long-sleeve version of this shirt. Overall, the long sleeve version will have a very similar fit (standard fit that isn’t too small or too baggy).

If you are looking for more of a summer t-shirt, Dickies makes a short sleeve performance cooling tee. This t-shirt has a cooling effect triggered by your perspiration and also has a wicking effect to help you stay dry.

The fit on this Dickies cooling t-shirt is a bit slimmer in my experience compared to other Dickies and Carhartt work shirts. If you prefer a baggy fit, you may need to size up, but to me it runs true to size. Here I am wearing a size medium (6’3 200 pounds):


Here is a look at the Dickies cooling t-shirt (size medium; bottom) compared to the Dickies heavyweight t-shirt (size medium; top):


As you can see, overall, the Dickies cooling t-shirt has a slimmer fit.

Comparing Dickies Popular T-Shirt

Dickies popular heavyweight crew short-sleeve t-shirt is a good shirt to compare to Carhartt’s popular K87 Pocket Tee. The Dickies heavyweight crew is more affordable than the Carhartt K87, but what about style and fit?

These two shirts have a very similar style. Both have a classic t-shirt design with a front chest pocket, and both are dependable work shirts that have heavyweight cotton fabric.

On difference in design is the Dickies heavyweight t-shirt has the pencil divider in the front chest pocket, but the Carhartt K87 does not. Here is the Carhartt K87:


Here is the Dickies Heavyweight t-shirt:


As far as sizing, the Carhartt K87 shirt runs bigger and looser than the Dickies heavyweight t-shirt. Here is a look at my size medium Carhartt K87 sitting underneath my size medium Dickies heavyweight t-shirt:


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