Thorogood Boot Sizing and Fit Guide (w/ photos)

This is a Thorogood Boot sizing guide. In general most Thorogood Boots fit true to size, but it can vary a bit depending on style. Quickly, here’s what you need to know about some of their most popular styles:

  • Thorogood American Heritage Boots – These are great factory boots. Made with 100% leather and come with a wedge sole, which is best for a smooth surface. The wedge soles don’t offer the traction of a rugged outsole, but they are more comfortable. If you work on concrete all day, these can help. Made in the USA by union workers. These fit true to size in my experience.
  • Thorogood Crosstrex Series Work Boots – These Thorogood Crosstrex boots are more of a modern-style boot. They are a sort of hybrid between a work boot and a hiking boot. Some types of traditional work boots can be bulky and heavy to wear. If you would prefer something that is a little more sleek, modern, and easy to wear, these might be a nice option. These will fit more like a normal shoe than work boots will.
  • Thorogood Logger Boots – Logger boots are popular boots for lineman, loggers, and farmers. Logger boots have a raised heel, which make them good for climbing and riding. The raised heel also helps keep the foot elevated out of mud and muck. These Thorogood logger boots are made in the USA. These boots have a waterproof membrane and a goodyear storm welt build. True to size.
  • Thorogood V-Series Work Boots – These are more traditional work boots that can work for a wide variety of jobs. They have a waterproof membrane and a goodyear storm welt construction, which can help keep water out. These are best for outdoor jobs, who need a heavy-duty, waterproof work boot, but don’t want to buy a logger boot. These boots can run about a half size bigger than your normal shoe sizing.
  • Thorogood Jump Boots – These side-zip Thorogood Jump boots are a uniform boot. They have ankle-high support, and a removable footbed. The toe cap is shined to give them more of a professional look. 100% leather with goodyear storm welt construction. Expect these to fit true to size.

Thorogood boots are made by Weinbrenner Shoe Co., an employee-owned company based in Wisconsin that has deep roots in American culture. Weinbrenner Shoe Co. started manufacturing shoes in the late 1800’s and was a significant contributor of boots for the US Army in both WWI and WWII. That same American pride is carried forward into their modern-day business, and specifically to the Thorogood American Heritage boots, which are made in the USA by union workers (source).

In this article we are going to discuss Thorogood boot sizing. We will take a specific look at Thorogood’s most popular style, the American Heritage boot, so that you know how to expect Thorogood boots to fit.


Thorogood Boot Sizing

Thorogood Sizing Chart

If you are looking for an official Thorogood boot sizing chart, and want detailed information on how a boot might fit, my recommendation is to contact Thorogood directly (info).

Thorogood is owned by Weinbrenner, a shoe company based in the USA. What is cool is they produce a printable PDF form that you can use to help measure your foot, and ultimately determine your Thorogood Boot Sizing. Click here to check it out. **As they note on the form, trying on shoes is the best way to determine fit, but this might help you get started.

How Do Thorogood Boots Fit?

Thorogood boot sizing is very much like other boots companies in that you can expect certain styles to fit bigger than your normal shoe sizing. Although some people will always order up a half-size for work boots, there are certain styles of Thorogood boots that fit true to size.

The Thorogood American Heritage boots are probably their most popular type of boot. In my experience, these ran true to size. Here is a look at mine:


Let’s take a closer look at the American Heritage boots, and how they fit. The American Heritage boots are very popular, in large part due to comfort.

Thorogood American Heritage Boots

The Thorogood American Heritage boots are some of the most popular premium work boots on the market. These boots fill a specific need for many types of workers who want something that is both comfortable and tough.


If you work on a factory floor, or even on some construction sites, you need something that is tough, but also appropriate for that environment. For example, you absolutely don’t need to wear a logger boot if you work in a factory.

Logger boots and other types of heavy-duty outdoor boots use aggressive lug patterns to provide traction in harsh outdoor conditions. If you are working inside, you don’t need that.

You might be looking for a boot that can, yes, provide proper support and toughness, but with a build and style that is more appropriate and comfortable for an indoor environment. Many factory jobs are great opportunities to turn to a more comfortable wedge sole boot.


Wedge soles are comfortable, but don’t have the aggressive lug patterns that outdoor boots use. But again, it’s about matching your needs with a boot.

The Thorogood American Heritage boots (although available also in a square heel outsole) use a wedge sole that creates a boot that combines comfort with a dependable, durable build. Wedge soles are more comfortable than traditional outsoles, and might help take some stress off your feet.

These boots are 100% leather and made in the USA. They have shock-absorption footbeds and although the wedge soles don’t use aggressive lug patterns, they are still slip-resistant. The Thorogood American boots are available in plain-toe and safety-toe, and come in both moc-toe and round-toe versions.


As we discussed previously, wedge-sole boots are best for those who work mainly on smooth, flat surfaces like concrete, tile, plywood etc. If you work on gravel, rough surfaces, or other types of harsh terrain, you will want a more rugged style boot.

Below is a look at a used pair of Thorogood American Heritage boots. As you can see, the seams have held up well and the boot itself still holds its shape. The toes are showing wear and tear, but the seams have not separated and the boot is still going strong. The wedge sole is beginning to show wear, which is to be expected with this much use.

How Do Thorogood American Heritage Boots Fit?

As we discussed earlier, some types of Thorogood boots fit a half size bigger than normal shoe sizes. In my experience, these boots were not that way. In my opinion these boots fit true to size.

I feel like my feet have plenty of room in the toe box with my normal sizing, and it also doesn’t feel oversized. My normal shoe sizing feels very comfortable.

These Thorogood Boots are actually our choice for best wedge work boot. To see the entire list, visit our article about the Best Work Boots With Flat Soles.

One area of these shoes that I really like is the lace/tongue area against the top of my foot. It is very comfortable against the top of my foot, and doesn’t eat into feet over the course of a work day.


Again, I would recommend ordering your normal shoe sizing. Wide sizing is available for these boots. Overall, these boots are very comfortable to wear and pair easily with work jeans.


In general, expect these boots to fit true-to-size. Wide sizing is available. To read more about these boots, visit our Thorogood American Heritage Boot Review. To read more about their sizing, visit our Thorogood Moc Toe Sizing Guide.

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 11″ Wellington Boots

Thorogood boots are made by Weinbrenner Shoe Co., an employee-owned company based in Wisconsin that has deep roots in American culture. Weinbrenner Shoe Co. started manufacturing shoes in the late 1800’s and was a significant contributor of boots for the US Army in both WWI and WWII.

That same American pride is carried forward into their modern-day business, and specifically to the Thorogood American Heritage line of work boots, which are made in the USA by union workers. Here’s what you need to know about these boots:

  • Material – 100% premium full-grain leather uppers. The shaft on these boots measure 11 inches.
  • Outsole – These boots use a raised square heel outsole, but you can also buy the Thorogood American Heritage boots in a wedge sole version. Wedge soles are flat and often provide more comfort than traditional, raised-heel soles. But because wedge soles don’t have a raised heel, they are best used on smooth surfaces like concrete. I use the raised heel version.
  • Comfort – These boots have removable shock-absorbing footbeds that can be replaced or cleaned as needed. Fiberglass shank provides support. I think these are some of the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn – plenty of cushioning below the foot.
  • Sizing – In my experience, these boots fit true to size.

These boots have become my go-to pull on steel toe boots. I like both, and this gives me a round toe and square toe option. They also differ in price, which may affect your decision.

Regarding these Thorogood boots, I like how the leather shaft uppers aren’t super stiff and uncomfortable. Here’s a look at my boots after a few years of use:


Again, I use the raised, square-heel version of these boots, but they are also available in a wedge sole.


These are probably the most comfortable pull on work boots I’ve worn. I really like the cushioning they provide under the foot. Overall, the weight is reasonable, but these boots do weight more than my Irish Setter boots we discussed first. My size 12 D safety toe weighs 2.55 pounds:


What I probably appreciate the most about these boots is how well they’ve held up despite taking on a decent amount of abuse over the years. As you can see, there is no splitting on the toes or heels, and the seams have all held up well.


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