Tecovas Steel Toe Boots – Do They Make Them for Work Safety?

We all love Tecovas Boots for their comfort and style, but if you are hoping to use them on the job, you might be wondering about safety toe features. Can you buy Tecovas steel toe boots?

No, Tecovas does not currently make safety toe boots. They do not offer steel toe boots or composite toe boots. They do, however, offer many types of work boots (but they are all soft toe boots). The most rugged Tecovas boot built for hard work is the Tecovas Midland Boot. Click here to view the Tecovas Midland Boot available at Tecovas.com (paid affiliate link takes you to Tecovas.com).

In this article let’s take a closer look at the different types of Tecovas work boots, and how they differ. Let’s also discuss other types of safety toe cowboy boots so you can find an alternative if you need it.

Does Tecovas Make Steel Toe Boots?

No, as we discussed above, Tecovas does not currently make safety toe boots. They do not offer steel toe boots or composite toe boots.

They do make several types of soft toe work boots. Some of these work boots are capable of handling heavy duty work. However, none of them come in safety toe versions.

Types of Tecovas Work Boots

I own multiple Tecovas boots, and for work, my advice is this: Buy the “Midland” Tecovas Work Boots if you need something for heavy-duty work. However, I personally use the “Jake” Boot because it combines a classic dress-boot style with a rubber outsole and water-resistant leather making it appropriate for both work and leisure.

These are the best Tecovas boots to use for work:

  • The Midland – This is the most popular Tecovas work boot. It is built for hard work and features a broad square toe, oil- and slip-resistant Vibram sole, and weatherproofed seams. Its removable dual-footbed allows for customizable comfort, while the durable oiled bovine or bison leather construction ensures it can withstand demanding ranch and farm work while providing the necessary support and traction. It is water-resistant so it can be hosed down to clean.
  • The Jake – This is actually my favorite Tecovas boot to use for work because I like work boots that still have a dress style to them. This boot combines that classic dress boot style with water-resistant leather and a rugged rubber outsole, making it suitable for wet and mucky environments. I like the outsole on these boots because they blend in with the stacked leather heel. The water-resistant bovine leather makes this boot suitable for wet conditions.
  • The Knox – I also own the Knox boot and like to use it for work on concrete because it has a wedge outsole. It uses a premium Vibram 4014 Cristy sole, which is the most popular type of wedge sole. It also uses water-resistant leather in combination with weatherproof seams which allows me to use it in wet weather (it can be hosed down to clean).
  • The Jason – The Jason is very similar to the Jake from above, only the Jason uses a taller cowboy heel instead of the roper heel. This boot uses water-resistant bovine leather and a rugged Vibram rubber sole which allows it to be used for work even though it has the style of a classic dress boot. This boot also has a 12-inch shaft, which is taller than the Jake.
  • The Stockton – The Stockton is a ready-to-work, handmade boot in a traditional roper shape, offering slip-resistant Vibram soles and weatherproof seams. With options available in both oiled bovine and bison leather, it is designed to be durable and versatile, making it an ideal choice for ranch and farm work, combining functionality and classic roper styling.
  • The Bandera – The Bandera is very similar to the Stockton from above, only this boot uses a taller cowboy heel instead of the roper heel. It also features a slightly taller shaft than the Stockton boot. It uses a slip-resistant Vibram rubber outsole and rugged bison leather. It has a weatherproof construction, removable polyurethane insoles, and classic cowboy design that can be used for work and play.

If you want to do a deeper dive on these boots, visit my article that discusses the best types of Tecovas work boots.

Tecovas Work Boots That I Wear

I personally wear The Jake and The Knox boots. I like these boots because they’re versatile. They’re water-resistant and have outsoles built for work, but still look like dress boots.

My favorite is The Jake. This boot uses a Vibram rubber outsole that blends in nicely with the leather heel stack. This rubber outsoles makes this boot usable in wet and mucky conditions, but because it blends in, the boot still has a dress boot style.

Here is a look at my Tecovas Jake Boots:


Those are my favorite Tecovas boots.

I also wear The Knox. I like The Knox because it uses a wedge outsole. Wedge outsoles help evenly distribute stress across the entire bottom of the foot instead of localizing the stress on the heel and toe pad. Because of this, I like to wear these boots when I’m going to be on concrete for several hours.

Here is a look at my Tecovas Wedge Boots:


Tecovas Knox Boots have a flexible design and they use water-resistant leather and weatherproofed seams that can handle wet, muddy environments and be hosed-down afterwards.

Will Tecovas Make Steel Toe Boots?

Tecovas steel toe boots do not currently exist, but it’s possible in the future they will. Tecovas offers a wide range of boots that are work-ready, even though those boots currently only come in plain toe versions.

Many Tecovas competitors such as Ariat, Double H, Dan Post, and Lucchese do offer safety toe boots (my favorite steel toe cowboy boots). Therefore, it is plausible that in the future Tecovas may venture into safety toe boots.

Out of all their current boots, The Midland and The Stockton seem to be the most likely to eventually be offered in a safety toe version. Until then, if you are shopping for Tecovas steel toe boots, you will need to look for other alternatives.

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