New Balance 57/40 Sizing Guide w/ Photos [Fit Big or Small?]

This New Balance 5740 Sizing Guide uses direct comparison photos where I put my 5740 shoes next to other popular shoes so you can see the difference in sizing. I will also discuss things like weight, width, flexibility, heel drop, and sole height. After trying these shoes, do New Balance 5740 shoes run big or small?

New Balance 5740 sizing is true to size for most people regarding length. However, it should be noted that it is built on a slimmer last than the classic New Balance 574 shoes, which means if you prefer a looser, wider fit, you may need to size up a half size. New Balance now also has it’s own sizing guide available at that has helpful sizing tips for the 57/40 – click here to view that sizing guide at (paid affiliate link takes you to

When I compared my New Balance 57/40 sizing to the sizing of other popular athletic shoes, I found the 57/40 to be true-to-size regarding length (but to run a little narrow). For example, here is my New Balance 57/40 compared to Adidas 2k Boost:


And here is my New Balance 57/40 compared to Under Armour sizing:


The main takeaway is expect the New Balance 57/40 to fit true-to-size regarding length, but have a narrow design. Let’s start this New Balance 5740 Sizing Guide by looking at the direct side-by-side comparison photos of my New Balance 5740 shoes compared to other popular shoes (and how the 5740 responds on my foot).

New Balance 5740 Sizing Photos

In the photos below, please note that the 5740 midsole flares a bit, which makes the 5740 look a bit wider than it actually is. All photos below use a size 12 men’s shoe.

New Balance 5740 On My Foot

To give you an idea how the 57/40 responds on a foot, here I am wearing mine:

New Balance 5740 (right) vs Adidas 2k Boost Sizing


New Balance 5740 vs Reebok Classics Sizing


New Balance 5740 vs Vans UltraRange Sizing


New Balance 5740 vs Vans Old Skool Sizing


New Balance 5740 vs Skechers Go Walk Sizing


New Balance 5740 vs Nike Air Max Excee Sizing


New Balance 5740 vs Adidas Superstar Sizing


New Balance 5740 vs Skechers Afterburn Sizing


New Balance 5740 vs Skechers Go Walk Slip On Sizing


New Balance 5740 (right) vs 2002r Sizing


New Balance 5740 vs Under Armour HOVR Sizing


New Balance 5740 (right) vs 574 Sizing


New Balance 5740 (right) vs 997 Sizing


New Balance 5740 (left) vs 237 Sizing


Do New Balance 57/40 Shoes Run Big or Small?

When I compared the New Balance 57/40 Shoes to other types of popular athletic-style casual shoes pictured above, I found the fit to be very similar. In my experience, the New Balance 57/40 shoes fit true to size (but do fit a bit narrow).

To read more about sizing, visit my article that discusses New Balance sizing at length.

Do New Balance 57/40 Shoes Fit Wide or Narrow?

In my experience, New Balance 5740 shoes do fit more narrow than the 574 shoes that they are inspired by.

New Balance actually confirms this on the product page saying that the 57/40 has “an overall sleeker silhouette provided by a slimmer last.” A last (or last mold) is what is used during the shoe-building process to form the fit of a shoe.

That said, the 57/40 wasn’t the most narrow shoe I have ever tried (but I did feel like it ran a bit narrow).


But the 5740 definitely is not a wide fit shoe. To get a better idea of how wide these shoes are, below is the width of my New Balance 5740 shoes (in standard width) compared to the Nike Air Monarch 4E (which is a popular extra wide shoe):


Despite having a more narrow design, the midsole does flare out to create a wider platform. Below is a photo of me measuring the width of the outsole on the 5740 men’s size 12 shoes:


The outsole of these New Balance 5740 shoes actually measures wider than many other types of New Balance shoes despite the silhouette itself being more narrow.

The main takeaway is expect these 57/40 shoes to fit a bit more narrow than average, but not extremely narrow.

New Balance 5740 On Foot

Here I am wearing my New Balance 5740 shoes, which I found to have a true-to-size, but sleeker fit. This is a popular New Balance bulky shoe.


Are New Balance 57/40 Shoes Lightweight to Wear?

My size 12 men’s New Balance 5740 shoes weigh 1.07 pounds per shoe.


Overall, this shoe does weigh a bit more than many other New Balance options. Yes, it still feels comfortable on the foot, but if you prioritize a lightweight design, there may be better options.

For comparison, my New Balance 574 shoes weighs 0.78 pounds per shoe for a size 12:


The bulkier midsole and extra mud-guard along the midsole adds weight to this shoe.

Recently I tried over 30 different types of New Balance shoes. To read about how these shoes compare to other New Balance shoes, visit my article about New Balance Shoe Weight.

Are New Balance 5740 Shoes Breathable?

The New Balance 5740 shoes are made with a combination of suede and mesh uppers. The mesh does add breathability very similar to the breathability of other athletic casual shoes that have mesh on the upper.


That said, New Balance definitely has more breathable options. Many of the New Balance running shoes are made with lightweight breathable fabric. But if you are looking for more of a casual/athletic style, I found the New Balance 2002r to be very breatahble.

Below is a photo of my New Balance 2002r. When I hold it up to the light, you can see how breathable the fabric is:


How Flexible are New Balance 57/40 Shoes?

Flexibility can play a large role in the fit and comfort of a shoe.

When I compared these 57/40 shoes to the New Balance 574 shoes, these 57/40 shoes were not as flexible as the 574. In the videos below, I tried to capture how flexible these shoes are:

Now, compare that to the 574 videos posted below:

As you can see, the original New Balance 574 has a more flexible design than the 57/40.

Do New Balance 57/40 Shoes Make You Taller?

New Balance 5740 Sole Height

I found the New Balance 5740 sole height for my size 12 shoes to be slightly under 1.5 inches tall near the heel. Overall, this is a very standard heel height that is very similar to other types of athletic casual shoes.

The 5740 can be a bit deceiving since it has the bulkier mud-guard that extends up past the midsole. Please understand that in the photo below, the 5740 heel height does not include that mud-guard.


New Balance 5740 Heel Drop

When I searched for New Balance 5740 heel drop information, I couldn’t find solid data anywhere. New Balance (at the time I am publishing this article) does not list the 5740 heel drop information on the product page.

I decided to measure the 5740 heel drop myself. When I measured my New Balance 5740 shoes using an 8-inch Digital Outside Caliper, I found the heel drop to be approximately 7mm.

Here I am measuring the heel drop of the New Balance 5740 shoes:


**It is important to understand that although I tried my best to get accurate measurements, the best way to measure heel drop is to cut the shoes in half and use an industrial caliper. Obviously, I didn’t want to destroy my shoes, but this is a convenient alternative way to measure the New Balance 5740 heel drop.

The point is, think of this number as an approximation. For all official measurements, it would be best to reach out to New Balance directly.

The heel drop won’t affect how the New Balance 5740 shoes fit, but it can affect how comfortable it is for you to use. To read more, visit my article that discusses the New Balance 5740 heel drop and how it compares to other options.

Do New Balance 57/40 Shoes Fit Comfortable?

To read more in depth about comfort, visit my article Are the New Balance 57/40 Shoes Comfortable?

New Balance 5740 Padding

The New Balance 5740 shoes do have padding around the collar, but the overall design around the collar is a bit sleeker than other New Balance shoes. Here is a look at my New Balance 5740 shoes near the collar:


Does the New Balance 5740 Have a Removable Insole?

Yes, the New Balance 5740 has a removeable insole in case you need to clean or swap your insole. Here is a look at the removable insole in my New Balance 5740 shoes:


How Thick is the New Balance 5740 Insole?

I measured my New Balance 5740 insole to be approximately 1/8th of an inch thick. Here is mine:


New Balance 57/40 Sizing Conclusion

In my experience, the New Balance 5740 sizing fits true to size. However, it is made with a slimmer last than the 574, so the fit may be narrow for some people. If you need a looser, wider fit, it may be best to size up a half size.

When I compared the sizing of the 5740 to the sizing of other popular casual shoes, I found the sizing to be very similar. If you need a wider shoe, the New Balance 574 may be the better option.

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