My Favorite Low-Top Waterproof Composite Toe Work Shoes [Athletic]

I recently tried 14 of the most popular men’s low-top composite toe work shoes, and one thing I learned is that it is hard to find low-top, athletic work shoes that are also waterproof. Ultimately, my favorite was the Skechers Greetah. Yes, it is fully waterproof and has a composite safety toe, and it also has the thickest memory foam insoles out of all the shoes that I tried. If you spend long days on your feet, these insoles provide a level of cushioning under the foot that other waterproof composite toe shoes can’t match.

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These are my top three choices for best low-top waterproof composite toe work shoes:

  • My FavoriteSchechers Work Greetah Waterproof Composite Toe Shoes (click here to view)
  • My Second Favorite – Kodiak Quest Bound Comp Toe Waterproof Hikers (click here to view)
  • My Third Favorite – Keen Reno Waterproof Carbon Fiber Toe Work Shoes (click here to view)

My Skechers Greetah composite toe shoes have a lightweight, hiker style design. They’re very durable despite feeling more like a low-top athletic shoe on my foot.

Here I am wearing my Skechers Greetah shoes:


Ultimately, there aren’t many types of low-top composite toe shoes that are waterproof available on the market today. Most waterproof work shoes are high-top. These Skechers Greetah shoes are the best low-top option that I have found.

In this article let’s take a closer look at what makes these Skechers Greetah shoes the best low-top waterproof composite toe shoes. I also want to discuss other options and several things to consider when buying these types of work shoes.

My Favorite Low-Top Waterproof Composite Toe Shoes

Schechers Greetah Waterproof Composite Toe Work Shoes

These Skechers Greetah shoes are my favorite type of composite toe waterproof athletic work shoe. Here I am wearing mine:


This is the current price of these Skechers Greetah waterproof composite toe shoes available at Amazon (paid affiliate link takes you to These shoes are available in wide sizing.

As I mentioned earlier, the thing that stands out the most about these Skechers Greetah shoes is the amount of comfort under the foot. They use thick memory foam insoles that were thicker and more comfortable than any of the other composite toe low-top shoes that I tried (see all the composite toe shoes I tried).

In the short video below, I tried to capture just how soft and comfortable the memory foam insoles are on these Skechers Greetah shoes:

Yes, the Skechers Greetah is waterproof. These shoes are seam-sealed and have an internal waterproof membrane. They meet waterproofing standards and are designed to keep feet dry for at least eight hours in water or wet conditions.

These shoes were tested with the SATRA TM77 method utilizing membrane and seam-sealed construction to withstand harsh elements and inclement weather. Here is a look at the material and inner-lining on my shoes:


The upper material is made with a combination of leather and ripstop nylon. The ripstop nylon is used to help keep the weight of the shoe down while still providing the toughness needed.


The tongue is gusseted on these shoes (which is very typical for waterproof shoes). The gusseted tongue allows the waterproofing barrier to extend up past the laces and also helps keep dirt and debris out of the shoe.

The outsole is rugged enough to handle outdoor terrain for things such as construction jobs. Still, like most athletic-style work shoes, these are best used for light-duty work. Here is a look at the outsole on my shoes:


These low-top shoes won’t be as rugged as heavy-duty work boots, but Skechers does add a few extra details to improve the durability of these shoes. For example, the toe overlay adds extra protection to the material on the front of the shoe:


Overall, these shoes feel like athletic shoes but still have some added durability to improve the toughness of the shoe. My size 12 weighs 1.60 pounds per shoe:


The main takeaway is these Skechers Greetah composite toe work shoes provide a dependable waterproof barrier (which is rare in low-top work shoes), and also provide premium comfort under the foot with thick memory foam insoles. These shoes find a nice middle ground between comfort and durability.

Click here to buy these Skechers Greetah waterproof composite toe work shoes available at Amazon (paid affiliate link takes you to In my experience, these shoes fit true to size.

Other Athletic Waterproof Composite Toe Shoes to Consider

Kodiak Quest Bound Comp Toe Waterproof Hikers

These Kodiak Quest Bound waterproof composite toe work shoes are hiker-style shoes, and have a sturdier, more durable build. There is both a toe and a heel overlay for extra abrasion resistance, and this shoe is made using a premium Vibram outsole that is slip resistant. But with this extra durability comes extra weight. My size 12 regular weighs 1.69 pounds (which is a little bit heavier than the Skechers Greetah).

I like to refer to hiker-style work shoes as tweener shoes. They are heavier, bulkier, and not as flexible as athletic shoes, but they are more comfortable and easier to wear than work boots. They find a sort of middle ground that is more durable than other types of athletic work shoes, and more comfortable than traditional work boots.

This is the current price of these Kodiak Quest Bound Composite Toe Waterproof Low-Top Hikers available at (paid affiliate link takes you to Wide sizing is available for these waterproof composite toe shoes.

Keen Waterproof Composite Toe Work Shoes

Keen is a popular workwear brand and has a wide range of waterproof shoes (including low-top waterproof composite toe shoes). These shoes use a carbon fiber safety toe. Here are two you should consider:

  • Keen Reno – The Keen Reno shoes are designed for various work environments and offer several features and materials to provide comfort and protection. They have non-metallic carbon-fiber toes that are 15% lighter than steel. They have a KEEN.DRY waterproof and breathable membrane. The shoes also have a nylon shank for midfoot support. Click here to view these shoes at (paid affiliate link takes you to
  • Keen Vista Energy – The Keen Vista Energy shoes are different than many other option because the upper is made almost entirely of leather, yet they still have an athletic look and feel. These might be a better option if you prefer leather for durability on the job. Yes, they have a KEEN.DRY waterproof and breathable membrane. These shoes use a carbon fiber safety toe. Click here to view these shoes at (paid affiliate link takes you to

What to Consider When Buying Low-Top Waterproof Composite Toe Shoes

Lightweight Comfortable Safety Shoes

As I mentioned earlier, I put my hands on 14 of the most popular low-top composite toe safety shoes so that I could evaluate them on things like comfort, purpose, and weight. Below is the actual weights of these 14 composite toe work shoes.

Not all the shoes on the list below are waterproof, but this gives you the option to compare the Skechers Greetah and Kodiak Quest to other lightweight composite toe options:

Shoe NameWeight (lbs)Photos
Reebok Sublite Cushion0.94view my photos
Rockport Truflex0.94view my photos
Reebok Astroride Strike0.99view my photos
Reebok Fusion Flexweave1.01view my photos
Timberland PRO Drivetrain1.03view my photos
Danner Run Time1.15view my photos
Kodiak Ramble1.25view my photos
Caterpillar Streamline1.26view my photos
Carhartt Force Nano1.28view my photos
New Balance 5891.32view my photos
KEEN Utility Flint 2 Low1.38view my photos
Skechers Greetah1.60view my photos
Caterpillar Argon1.62view my photos
Kodiak Quest Low1.69view my photos

Insole Replacement

As I’ve said throughout, I think the most comfortable composite toe shoes use memory foam insoles. These types of soft sole safety shoes are important for those of us spending long days on our feet. But one thing you do have to consider is these types of insoles will eventually flatten out and lose their responsiveness.

This can be a problem because your shoe may feel very comfortable for the first few months after purchase, then begin to lose that under-foot comfort as the memory foam insole wears out. What can be done about this?

Some insoles are removable and replaceable, so that may be an option depending on what shoe you choose. Also, this is one reason I like the Skechers Greetah shoes – I feel like their memory foam insoles are thicker than the memory foam insoles in other shoes, and hold their form longer.

Durability of Low-Top Composite Toe Shoes

For many jobs, it is important that your work shoes have extra abrasion resistance on the toe and heel to not only provide a little extra protection to your foot, but also to help the material of the shoe hold up over time. Most safety shoes have abrasion resistance on the toe.

For example, here’s what the toe overlay looks like on my Skechers Greetah shoes:


And here is the toe overlay on my Kodiak Quest Bound waterproof composite toe shoes:


That overlay helps protect the toe of the shoe against light-duty scuffs. However, don’t expect these low-top shoes to be able to take a beating like a work boot.

I say all of that to just remind you that there are pros and cons to wearing athletic-style safety shoes. Make sure these types of shoes make sense for your job.

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