7 Best Fleece & Flannel Lined Khakis & Chinos for Winter Warmth [Insulated]

Cold temperatures have set in, and now it’s time to turn to a pair of winter khakis or winter chinos to help keep your legs warm during the work day. You have the option to choose between fleece lined pants and flannel lined pants, depending on which type of lining you prefer. In my experience, fleece traps more heat, but flannel is more breathable.

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These are my choices for the best lined khakis and lined chinos for winter:

  1. Lee Men’s Relaxed Flannel Lined Khaki Pants (click here to view)
  2. L.L. Bean Men’s Double L Flannel Lined Chinos (click here to view)
  3. Eddie Bauer Voyager Flex Fleece Lined Chino Pants (click here to view)
  4. L.L. Bean Men’s Water-Resistant Insulated Winter Pants (click here to view)
  5. Mountain Khakis Men’s Insulated Winter Pants (click here to view)
  6. Duluth Trading Company Men’s AKHG Fleece Lined Khakis (click here to view)
  7. *Women’s* Hue Women’s Ultra Soft Fleece Lined Pants (click here to view)

In this article we will take a closer look at these winter khakis and chinos so that you can decide which style might be best for you. I want to start by talking briefly about the difference between fleece and flannel lined pants, based on my experience wearing both.

In general, both types of linings are great winter options, but there are small differences that might affect which type of lining you like better. We will also discuss the subtle difference between khakis and chinos.

Flannel vs Fleece Lined Khaki Pants

What’s the difference between fleece lined khakis and flannel lined khakis? Truth is, there isn’t much of a difference. Both types of pants are going to keep you warm and are suitable for winter.

If you made me give you my opinion on fleece vs flannel, I’d say it comes down to this:

  • Fleece Lined Pants – Warmer. Traps in basically all of your body heat. Isn’t very breathable.
  • Flannel Lined Pants – Not quite as warm as fleece, but is a bit more breathable, which can also be helpful.

Again, that’s just a general definition, and both types of pants are very warm all things considered. I personally like the flannel-lined pants a bit more for active work. Sometimes, even in the cold, I like to have some heat escape and appreciate the breathability.

But if you aren’t very active during the day, and need something ultra warm, perhaps sticking with fleece is best. Obviously, your climate matters too. Some regions need the warmest, and if you want the warmest khaki pants or warmest chino pants, I’d probably lean towards fleece.

Some people feel like fleece is bulkier, but I personally don’t notice much of a difference. I own both and wear both, but prefer flannel. Here’s a look at my flannel vs fleece pants:


Overall, the main takeaway is expect both to be warm, but fleece (in my opinion) is a bit warmer. This obviously can vary a bit brand to brand since there are other parts of a pant that can affect warmth. But as a general rule of thumb, I’d expect fleece to trap in more heat.

Khaki vs Chino

Khakis and Chinos are very similar, and often times people will use these terms interchangeably. In general, chinos tend to be more of a professional pant, while khakis are more of a casual pant.

Obviously, many jobs allow khakis to be worn at work. Khakis often fit that business casual look perfectly. Chinos can be a bit more professional.

Chino pants are often a bit softer. And this may not be the case in all khaki pants, but some work khakis will have a durable outer fabric, which itself might also help add a bit of warmth.

Ultimately, khakis and chinos are very similar, and which one works best for you will likely come down to personal preference on style and warmth. For a comfortable fit, you might want to consider elastic waist khaki pants.

Best Fleece & Flannel Lined Khaki & Chino Pants for Winter

Lee Men’s Lined Relaxed-Fit Straight-Leg Khaki Pants

LEE is a well-known name for men’s jeans, and they offer a pair of flannel lined khaki jeans. Here’s what these Lee winter khaki pants look like:

This is the current price of these Lee flannel lined khaki pants available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com). These pants are made with a cotton/poly blend.

  • Fit – These khakis have a relaxed fit that won’t hug tight against your legs.
  • Style – These are 5 pocket khaki jeans that are more suitable for business casual environments.
  • Lining – These pants have a flannel lining
  • Product Care – These pants are machine washable.
  • Leg Opening – These pants have a straight leg opening of 18 inches that will fit over the top of most shoes and boots.

Click here to buy these Lee flannel lined khakis available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com). These pants have a standard zip fly with a button closure.

Brooks Brothers Flannel Lined Chinos

Brooks Brothers, known originally as H. & D.H. Brooks & Co., opened their first store in 1818. Yes, that means they’ve been in business for over TWO centuries.

Brooks Brothers is often cited as the country’s oldest clothing retailer. They’ve had plenty of time to learn and perfect their craft. And the good news for you is they do have a pair of flannel lined chinos.

As we discussed earlier, chino pants often look a bit more professional on the job than khaki pants do. Here’s what you need to know about these flannel lined chinos:

  • Fit – These chinos have a modern fit that will show some shape, but aren’t extremely tight.
  • Style – These pants have a classic chino style with two front seam pockets, and two button-close pockets on the back.
  • Material – These are cotton pants.
  • Lining – These pants have a flannel lining
  • Product Care – Machine washable.

The pants are part of Brooks Brothers “Red Fleece” collection. They have a professional, yet preppy, style that will fit a bit slimmer than some of the other pants on this list.

These pants are available in multiple colors. To see more slim options, visit our article about the best slim fit lined pants.

Dickies Men’s Relaxed Fit Flannel Lined Khaki Pants

Dickies is a trusted name in workwear and well-known for making dependable clothing for a wide range of jobs. They do have a pair of winter khaki pants that are flannel lined.

Here’s what these Dickies flannel lined khaki pants look like:

Here’s what you need to know about these pants:

  • Fit – These pants have a relaxed fit that won’t hug tight against your legs. In my experience, these pants can fit a bit tight in the waist. May need to size up if you are between sizes. But the legs will have a looser, relaxed fit.
  • Shell Fabric – This is an 8.5 ounce fabric. If you’ve worn Dickies pants before, you’ll know that their fabric has some durability to it. They aren’t super soft and flimsy. Perfect for professionals who spend part of their day on a work floor.
  • Style – These pants have a creased front to give them more of a professional look.
  • Lining – These pants have a flannel lining. Again, I prefer flannel because it provides warmth, but does let your legs still breathe a little bit.
  • Closure – These pants do not have a button closure. They have a hook and loop closure.

As I mentioned above, Dickies work pants (like these, and their 874 pants) are great options for business professionals who spend part of their day in an office setting, and part of their day on a production or manufacturing floor. These pants look professional, but have a bit of toughness to them that can hold up on the job.

Eddie Bauer Flex Fleece Lined Chinos

Eddie Bauer founded his outdoor brand in the 1920’s and is often credited for making America’s first patented down jacket, which changed cold-weather gear forever. The Eddie Bauer brand today is known for modern activewear and apparel that can stand up to harsh outdoor climates.

  • Fit – These Eddie Bauer pants are listed as a slim fit. Definitely don’t expect an extremely relaxed fit, but these also won’t be so slim that they hug skin tight against your legs.
  • Material – These pants use a cotton/spandex blends that gives them some stretch.
  • Lining – These pants have a fleece lining. Again, in my experience, fleece tends to be a little bit warmer than flannel.
  • Product Care – Yes, these pants are machine washable.

Other Winter Khaki & Winter Chino Options to Consider

  • L.L. Bean – L.L. Bean is a well-known name in outdoor performance and casual wear. These pants use a 100% flannel lining, and are made using 100% cotton. These flannel lined khaki pants have been pre-washed to help break them in. Click here to view these pants at LLBean.com.
  • Orvis – Orvis is an outdoor gear brand that does have a nice pair of flannel lined chino pants for you to consider. These pants also have a water repellent finish to help keep you dry. Material does have some stretch for comfort. Obviously, these are geared towards the outdoors, but may work well even for an office setting in the nastiest parts of winter.

Women’s Lined Khakis

Unfortunately, there aren’t as many flannel and fleece lined khaki pants for women as there are for men, but Mountain Khakis does make a nice lined pant for women. It’s called the Mountain Khakis Women’s Camber 106 Lined Pants.

Here’s what these women’s lined khakis look like:

There are multiple colors available for these pants. These pants actually use a soft polyester tricot plaid lining. The shell material is made of cotton and spandex to give these pants some stretch.

To read more about winter pants, visit our articles about the Best Winter Work Pants, the Best Winter Cargo Pants, and the Best Flannel Lined Jeans.

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