How Do Filson Short Lined Tin Cloth Cruiser Jackets Fit? [Sizing Guide]

Filson Tin Cloth Jackets are built to handle some of the toughest conditions. If you are interested in ordering a Filson Short Lined Tin Cloth Cruiser, you are probably wondering about fit. How do Filson Short Lined Tin Cloth Cruiser Jackets fit?

Filson Short Lined Tin Cloth Cruiser Jackets fit true to size for most people. However, Filson cuts this jacket a bit more trim than some of their other jackets, so if you will be layering underneath, it may be best to size up. In my experience, I can layer a hoodie under this jacket just fine with my normal sizing. Filson offers a fit guide which helps you find the correct sizing. Click here to view that Filson fit guide available at (paid affiliate link takes you to

Filson Short Lined Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket Sizing

I purchased the Filson Short Lined Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket so that I could test, among other things, the sizing of this jacket. In my experience, this jacket fits true-to-size, but this jacket doesn’t have quite as much room built in like some other Filson jackets.

Filson describes the fit of this jacket as “Cut trim for wearing over a shirt. If layering, consider sizing up.”

Below is a photo comparing my Filson Short Lined Tin Cloth Jacket to a same-sized t-shirt. This photo will give you a better idea how this jacket sizing compares to a normal shirt:


As you can see, even though it is designed to have a trim fit, there is still some extra room built in. I am actually able to layer a hoodie underneath mine comfortably without sizing up:


But if you plan on using even more layering, or just like a looser fit, sizing up may be best for this jacket. If you don’t plan to layer extensively under this jacket, I would stick to your normal sizing.

Different Sizing of Filson Tin Cloth Jackets

Sizing Length of Filson Tin Cloth Jackets

The standard Filson Tin Cloth Cruiser is designed to finish past the waist, which provides extra weather protection. This Filson Short Lined Tin Cloth Cruiser, as the name would suggest, is designed to have a shorter length which means it finishes above the waist much like a trucker jacket.

There are a couple important benefits to this shorter length. First, if you have this jacket buttoned, it doesn’t ride up when seated. Second, because it finishes above the waist, it is much easier to pair this jacket with a work tool belt when needed.

However, the full length Tin Cloth Cruiser will provide extra weather protection past the waist that this shorter jacket will not provide.

Benefits of Filson Tin Cloth

Filson Tin Cloth is the most heavyweight type of canvas material that Filson offers. Because cotton canvas on its own is not waterproof, Filson combine this Tin Cloth fabric with an oil finish to make the material highly water-resistant.

When you combine the water-resistance with the durability of the heavyweight fabric, you have a jacket capable of taking on some of the harshest environments. In the video below, I tried to demonstrate how water-resistant this fabric is:

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Popular Types of Filson Tin Cloth Jackets

Filson Lined Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket – This is Filson’s classic waxed cruiser jacket. It is made with Filson Tin Cloth, which is their most durable, heavyweight canvas. The oil finish adds even more abrasion resistance and makes the fabric highly water-resistant. It is lined with a dry canvas fabric for extra durability and warmth. As we discussed above, this version finishes just past the waist.

Filson Short Lined Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket – This is the jacket we’ve discussed in this article. It is the shorter version of Filson’s classic waxed cruiser jacket. It finishes slightly above the waist in a sort of trucker-style fit. This short version also uses Filson’s oil-finished Tin Cloth as the outer-shell fabric in combination with a dry Filson Cover Cloth lining for extra durability and warmth. The oil-finish makes this jacket highly water-resistant and capable of taking on harsh environments.

Filson Tin Cloth Work Jacket: This jacket is very similar to the Filson Short Lined Cruiser that we discussed in this article, only this jacket is tailored a bit more towards being a work jacket. It finishes above the waist so you can pair it with a tool belt, and it has snap buttons which makes it easier to button and unbutton with work gloves on. It uses oil-finished heavyweight Tin Cloth for the outer shell and is lined with lightweight dry Cover Cloth canvas. The hand pockets are flannel-lined and the collar is wool-lined for added warmth.

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