Do Rubber Boots Run Big or Small? [Sizing Advice]

Rubber boots can fit a wide range of purposes, which makes rubber boot sizing tricky to predict. If you are shopping for rubber boots online, what should you expect regarding the fit of rubber boots? Do rubber boots fit big or small, or are rubber boots true to size?

You can expect rubber boots to fit true to size in most cases, but there can be exceptions. For example, certain types of rubber work boots do run about a half size larger than your normal shoe size. 

It is important to understand that rubber boot sizing can differ significantly depending on brand. In my experience, my normal shoe sizing has worked for most rubber boots that I have worn. Ordering your normal sizing will be best in most instances.

Certain types of pull on rubber boots are made with a little extra space compared to other types of lace-up boots. These pull on boots need a little extra space so that you can easily slide the boot off and don’t have to wrestle it off your foot.

But if you are searching for lace-up rubber rain boots, in my experience, most brands fit true to size. My recommendation would be to seek out the user reviews of the boot brand you are interested in. Many companies will have sizing information on their website.

The shape and fit of a boot is greatly affected by the “last” (also called the “last mold”) that a company uses. This last mold is what a company uses to create the shape of the boot around the foot area. Many companies will publish their last information to give you an idea how certain boots might fit.

For example, one last may create a roomier toe box than another, or might have a wider fit than another. Again, if you can’t find this information, my advice would be to order your normal sizing unless you can find advice instructing you otherwise.

In this article I will discuss rubber boot sizing in a bit more detail so you know what to expect. I will also discuss the few instances where sizing up or down may be needed. 

Rubber Work Boot Sizing

Do Rubber Boots Run Big or Small?

As we discussed above, most types of rubber boots fit true to size. This can vary depending on brand, and certain types of pull on rubber boots may fit about a half size bigger than your normal shoe sizing.


Which Rubber Boots Fit Big?

In my experience, certain types of rubber work boots do fit about a half size bigger than normal shoe sizing. Unfortunately, this can vary depending on brand, and is sometimes hard to gauge without trying the boots on beforehand.

Work boots, in general, often fit about a half size bigger than casual shoes, and this trend does apply also to pull on rubber work boots. Again, a little extra space in pull on boots is a good thing so that you can comfortably slip them off and not have to pry them off.

But you also don’t want your pull on boots to fit too loose. In my experience, sometimes pull on boots (because there are no laces to tighten) can get a bit too loose around the ankle area, so I hate to size up unless I have a brand-specific size guide advising me to.

But one issue with many types of rubber work boots is they don’t have half sizes (and I personally wear a half size). And if you make me choose between sizing up or sizing down, I’m usually going to size up because the pain of a tight work boot is impossible to deal with.

If you are like me, and wear a half size, and the company doesn’t offer half sizes, this is where it gets difficult. It’s impossible to give advice without knowing the brand you are interested in, or your specific sizing preferences, but I personally will usually size up if the boot doesn’t have half sizes.

Of course, first I am going to check to see if they have a size guide that recommends one way or the other. But if they don’t, I’m probably going to size up to error on the side of too loose versus too tight. To read more, visit my article about pull on boot sizing.

How Should Rubber Boots Fit?

I see this question a lot: how should rubber boots fit? Well, just like any boot or shoe, they should fit comfortably snug, but not too tight.

If you are wearing a rain or snow boot, you will want them to feel against your foot the same way a normal shoe or boot might. Having a boot that is too loose or too tight doesn’t do anyone any good.

But it is worth mentioning, again, that certain types of pull on rubber work boots do need a little extra space so that they can be comfortably slipped on and off without having to wrestle with the boots.

Rubber Boot Sizing by Season

Weather can also play a role in how rubber boots fit. For example, if you are buying an insulated winter rubber boot, sometimes the insulation can create a snugger fit.

Here is a pair of my winter insulated rubber duck boots:


These boots have a shearling lining and also have synthetic insulation around the ankle and foot area. I ordered my normal sizing, and they fit very comfortable, but I can definitely tell there is a lining when I lace them up.

I say all of that to say this: occasionally, certain types of lined rubber boots may need to be sized up. Again, this can vary significantly by brand and my general recommendation would be to stick with your normal sizing unless you can find brand-specific advice instructing otherwise.

Your Preference – It’s also worth mentioning that if you prefer to wear thick winter socks with your rubber boots, sizing up may be needed. Some thick socks can make the toes feel cramped if normal sizing is ordered.

Rubber Boots to Wear

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Rubber boots are a versatile option that perform well in inclement weather and when used on-the-job can fill a variety of needs, from farming to food service. In general, ordering your normal sizing is best, but I would advise you to seek brand specific rubber boot sizing information as much as possible.

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