Dickies 874 Sizing – How Dickies 874 Pants Fit (w/ pics)

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Dickies sizing for work pants will differ depending on the particular style you choose. In this article we will focus mainly on Dickies 874 sizing.

***UPDATE*** – Dickies now has a size and fit guide that can help you find your perfect fit. Click here to view this size and fit guide at dickies.com (affiliate link takes you to dickies.com).

In my experience, the Dickies 874 were a bit snug in the waist. Ultimately, my normal sizing worked fine, but it was close. If you are in-between waist sizes, I would size up. There are actually several different kinds of these Dickies Pants, including an option that uses flex material, which might be best if you are worried about the waist being too snug. Here are your options:

  1. Dickies Original 874 Pants (click here to view)
  2. Dickies Men’s 874 Flex Work Pants (click here to view)
  3. Dickies Men’s Flat-Front Pants (click here to view)
  4. Dickies Men’s Skinny Straight-Fit Pants (click here to view)
  5. Dickies Men’s Flex Chino Pants (click here to view)

Down through the leg these pants have a relaxed fit that doesn’t hug tight. I found the length of these pants to be true to size. Here I am wearing these Dickies Original 874 Pants:


Although normal sizing worked for me with the Dickies 874 pants, the waist ran a bit snug. I didn’t size up, but if you are in between sizes, size up.

Although Dickies offers a wide variety of work pants in a multitude of fits, in this article we are going to focus primarily on the ultra-popular Dickies 874 work pants. We will focus mainly on:

  • Dickies 874 sizing. How do Dickies 874 fit? Are Dickies 874 baggy?
  • 874 Original vs 874 Flex
  • Recommendations based on preferred fit

How do Dickies 874 Work Pants Fit?

Dickies 874 work pants have a relaxed, regular fit. Do not expect Dickies 874 pants to fit tight against your legs, but also do not expect these pants to be extremely baggy and loose.

Are Dickies 874 pants baggy? Ultimately, it probably depends on your definition of baggy. As I said, I personally would describe it as an in-between fit that isn’t too baggy or too loose.


Dickies 874 Sizing

Although the fit is a standard, regular fit, getting the sizing right in these pants is critical. The length of these pants runs true-to-size, but (in my experience) these pants run a little bit tight in the waist. I ordered my normal sizing and it fit, but it was close.


If you are naturally in between sizes in the waist, my advice would be to size up. Remember, the 874 pants are also available in a flex version, which might give you a little more freedom in the waist.

The waistline in the Dickies 874 Original pants is not elastic (as you can see pictured above), so do not expect it to stretch. Size up if you are in-between sizes to make sure you have enough room to fit into these pants. Click here to view the price of the 874 pants at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

Dickies 874 Pant Features

There are actually two different kinds of Dickies 874 work pants available. The pair I feature in this article are the standard Dickies 874 work pants, known as the ‘Dickies Original 874’. There is also a Dickies 874 Flex Pant that has more stretch to it.

When comparing Dickies 874 Original vs Flex, it mainly just comes down to material, and whether your prefer a tough, durable fabric or a flexible, stretch fabric.

Dickies 874 Original

These Original 874 pants are not made with stretch fabric. The material has a sturdy, durable feeling to it. Although it is not a stretch fabric, overall the fit is still reasonably comfortable. I opted for this material because I wanted a bit more toughness and durability.


The leg opening in these 874 pants is big enough to comfortably fit over the top of a work boot:


Dickies 874 Flex

The 874 pant is also offered in a more comfortable flex fabric. The trade-off here is you lose a little of the toughness, but if you are bending and working on your knees a lot, the flex fabric may be the way to go.

Although the fabric has a stretch to it, the waist in the 874 Flex Pants is still a bit snug and it may be best to size up. Expect the length to run true-to-size.

Picking the Right Dickies Fit

As I mentioned earlier, Dickies offers a wide variety of fits and fabrics. On one hand, this is nice because it gives you plenty of options, but on the other hand, it may lead to a bit of confusion.

You will need to make a decision not only on what type of fit you prefer, but also if you want a stretch fabric or not. As far as fit, here are the pants I would recommend depending on the type of fit your prefer:

Tighter Fit:

  • Dickies Skinny Straight-Fit Work Pant
  • Dickies Slim Straight-Fit Work Pant (873)
  • Dickies Flex Work Pant Slim Taper

Regular Fit:

  • Dickies Tough Max Duck Carpenter Pant
  • Dickies Original 874 Work Pants
  • Dickies Regular-Straight Stretch Cargo Pant
  • Dickies Relaxed Straight-Fit Lightweight Duck Carpenter Jean

Looser Fit:

  • Dickies Loose-Fit Cargo Work Pant
  • Dickies Relaxed Straight-Fit Cargo Work Pant
  • Dickies Loose Fit Double-Knee Work Pant

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Where to Buy 874 Pants?

  • Dickies Skinny Straight-Fit Work Pant – Very slim, skinny cut. I would probably consider this cut to be more slim, than skinny, but regardless, this cut will not be loose. 1% spandex so that the pants have some stretch for comfort. These run a bit tight in the waist. Click here to view these pants at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).
  • Dickies Slim Straight-Fit Work Pant (873) – Listed as slim-straight, but more of a true straight fit in my opinion. Not as relaxed of a cut as the Dickies 874 pants, but these 873 pants won’t hug your legs. Overall, a standard straight fit. These pants run true-to-size. Click here to view these pants at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).
  • Dickies Original 874 Work Pants – These pants have a relaxed, regular cut (not too baggy or too tight). The waist was a little bit snug, but my normal sizing worked for me. The length runs true-to-size. These are the pants we review in this article. Click here to view these pants at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

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