Carhartt T-Shirt Sizing: How Do Carhartt T-Shirts Fit?

This article’s purpose is to discuss Carhartt t-shirt sizing so you know how Carhartt t-shirts fit. In my experience, I have always ordered my normal sizing for Carhartt t-shirts and not had an issue. Many of their shirts have a loose, relaxed fit, but some have more of a standard fit.

*UPDATE* – Carhartt now offers their own size and fit guide for t-shirts to help you find the best fit. This is where you can view it at (affiliate link takes you to

I own what are probably the two most popular styles of Carhartt t-shirts:

  • Carhartt K87 Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt – This is probably Carhartt’s most popular tee. It is made with heavyweight cotton and has a front chest pocket. Durable to last the long-haul. This shirt has a very relaxed, loose fit. If you prefer a slim fit, you may need to size down. Here is my size medium compared to a size medium t-shirt:
  • Carhartt Force Cotton Delmont Short Sleeve T-shirt – This is more of a summer shirt. It wicks away sweat to keep you dry. Cotton/poly blend fabric. This tee runs true-to-size with a standard fit. This shirt is not as baggy as the K87 shirt above. I still ordered my normal sizing, but if you prefer a baggy fit you may need to size up. Here’s my size medium compared to a medium t-shirt:

In this article we will discuss Carhartt t-shirt sizing so you know how Carhartt t-shirts fit. The Carhartt K87 short-sleeve t-shirt is Carhartt’s most popular t-shirt, and I will use photos of the Carhartt K87 t-shirt that I own. We will also discuss the possibility of shrinkage. Do Carhartt shirts shrink?

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Carhartt T-Shirt Sizing

How Do Carhartt T-Shirts Fit?

As we discussed earlier, most Carhartt t-shirts have a standard or roomy cut. Carhartt does not want to make slim, small, tight work shirts that restrict movement and don’t have enough length for bending.

The Carhartt K87 is a popular work t-shirt because it has the classic, crew-neck style combined with heavyweight cotton that lasts over time.

Here is a look at my Carhartt K87 t-shirt:


The K87 is what Carhartt calls an “original fit”, which is their most-relaxed fit. Do not expect a slim fit. If you order your normal sizing, expect a bit of extra room built-in. That said, I don’t recommend sizing down unless you just can’t stand baggy t-shirts.

But do expect the Carhartt K87 to have more room than many standard t-shirts. Again, this allows you plenty of room to twist and work, and also builds in a little extra size for shrinkage (expect shrinkage to be minimal).

Carhartt also makes a long-sleeve version of this heavyweight tee, and expect it to fit very similarly to the short-sleeve version (loose, relaxed fit). The style number for the long-sleeve tee is K126.

Both the Carhartt K87 (short-sleeve) and the K126 (long-sleeve) are offered in a wide variety of colors and sizes (including big and tall). These shirts are the perfect solution if you are looking for a standard, unassuming, clean work shirt that can stand up to tough work sites and not snag and rip easily.

Here is a look at me wearing a size medium Carhartt K87 short-sleeve pocket tee (6’3″ 200 pounds):


Here’s a look at my size medium Carhartt K87 tee compared to a size medium Hanes undershirt straight out of the package:


As you can see, the Carhartt K87 has a lot more space built-in than a Hanes undershirt. Again, I do not recommend sizing down, but if you are looking for a tighter fit, you will either need to size down, or find a slimmer work t-shirt.

If you are wondering how the Carhartt K87 compares to other types of popular work t-shirts, here is the Carhartt K87 size medium sitting underneath a size medium Dickies Heavyweight T-shirt that I own:


As you can see, the Dickies work t-shirt runs a bit smaller than the Carhartt K87 work t-shirt. This may give you an option if you don’t like the sizing of the Carhartt K87. You can also consider the Carhartt Force Cotton t-shirts.

The Carhartt Force Cotton T-shirts have a more standard cut than the Carhartt K87 shirts do. Deciding between the two may come down to fit. Do you like a relaxed, baggy fit (K87) or more of a standard fit (Force).

Of course, there are other differences. The Carhartt Force Cotton tees are actually a cotton/poly blend and they wick away moisture from your skin, making them a nice summer work tee.

Another popular Carhartt t-shirt is the long-sleeve Carhartt K231 that has the Carhartt logo down the sleeve. I would caution you that in my experience, the Carhartt K231 runs very loose. If you’d prefer a tighter fit, I’d size down.

I also wear the Carhartt Force Cotton Delmont T-Shirt a lot during the summer months. It is designed to wick sweat and has a lightweight, breathable feeling to it. My size medium weighs only 0.43 pounds:


Below, I have my size medium Carhartt Force Tee compared to a size medium undershirt. As you can see, this Carhartt Force Tee is not as loose as the Carhartt K87 tee we discussed earlier.


I still ordered my normal sizing and it worked fine, but if you want a loose fit, you may need to size up.

Do Carhartt T-Shirts Shrink?

When discussing Carhartt t-shirt sizing, you must also consider the possibility that your shirt shrinks. Shrinking t-shirts are a pain, and can wreck sizing. But what about Carhartt t-shirts? Do Carhartt t-shirts shrink? And specifically, do Carhartt K87 shirts shrink?

While, yes, Carhartt t-shirts will shrink a little bit, the overall shrinkage that I have experienced in my Carhartt t-shirts is quite minimal and does not cause the shirt to no longer fit.

Carhartt T-Shirt Sizing: My recommendation is to stick to your normal sizing in most circumstances when ordering Carhartt t-shirts. The extra room is nice to have on a job. If you prefer an in-between fit that is not too baggy or too tight, I would recommend the Carhartt Force Cotton Tee.

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