Are Levi’s 511 Jeans Tapered Fit? [Explaining with Examples]

Levi’s 511 jeans have become one of the most popular types of men’s jeans on the market today. These are slim jeans, but what about taper? Are Levi’s 511 jeans tapered fit below the knee?

Yes, the Levi 511 jeans have a slight taper, however it is a very subtle taper. It’s important to understand that Levi offers both a slim-straight jean (the 513) and a slim-taper jean (the 512). These 511 jeans fall somewhere in the middle.

The leg of the 511 isn’t completely straight-cut like the 513, but the taper is not near as drastic as the 512. Here is how my Levi 511 jeans fit near the ankle:


Compare that to the fit of my Levi 512 jeans (slim-taper jeans) and how they fit near the ankle:


You can expect a subtle taper out of the 511 jeans, but not an extreme taper as the 512.

Understanding the Levi 511 Taper Fit

Levi’s 511 jeans, while lauded for their slim fit, indeed feature a subtle taper below the knee to the leg opening. To fully understand this, it’s essential to differentiate between what is considered a slim cut and a tapered cut.

Slim and Tapered Cuts

The slim cut of the 511 jeans is characterized by a snug fit that extends consistently from the hip down to the ankle. However, unlike straight jeans that maintain the same width along the entire leg, the 511 jeans exhibit a gradual narrowing.

If you prefer slim-straight jeans, the Levi 513 jeans are slim-straight jeans (511 vs 513).

This tapering effect in the 511 jeans is subtle, making it less conspicuous than in more aggressively tapered styles. For example, when I compare my Levi 512 Jeans (which have a much more defined taper) to my Levi 511 Jeans, you can see that the 511 jeans are much closer to straight than the 512.

Here are my 512 jeans sitting on top of my 511 jeans:


The subtle taper of the Levi’s 511 jeans does add a dimension of style that sets them apart from straight-cut jeans. It gives a nod to a more tailored, contemporary look while maintaining a level of comfort and practicality.

Just don’t expect the taper to be drastic.

Tapering and Footwear Compatibility

Another aspect where the taper of the 511 jeans plays a crucial role is in their compatibility with different types of shoes and boots. They do have a slightly narrower leg opening, but I have found that they are still suitable for pairing with a wide range of shoes and boots (but not necessarily work boots).


Material of Levi’s 511 Jeans

Levi’s 511 jeans are mostly made from a blend of cotton and elastane. This combination gives the jeans a bit of stretch, making them more comfortable.

The stretch is important because it affects how the jeans fit around your legs, especially with the taper. Generally, these jeans fit true to size. It’s best to choose the size you usually wear to get the right slim and tapered look.

When you wear and wash these jeans over time, the fit can change. You might see a small amount of shrinkage after washing them a lot. But, in my experience, this shrinkage won’t really change the taper much.

If you are searching for slim jeans, you can read more by visiting my article about the best Levi jeans for skinny guys.

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