What are Regular Fit Jeans & Who Should Wear Them?

Jeans come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. Sometimes, all the different names and fits can make the jean-buying process complicated and confusing. Many popular types of jeans are called “regular fit” jeans. What are regular fit jeans?

Regular fit jeans are jeans that give you a normal range of movement. They aren’t too tight or too loose. These jeans are designed for average men’s and women’s body sizes. Simply put, they are just “normal” jeans.

Regular fit jeans are perfect for men and women who want a pair of jeans that won’t hug too tight against their legs, but also don’t want their jeans to look too baggy and sloppy. These regular fit jeans find a sort of middle ground between slim and loose, and provide a reasonable, normal fit.

For example, here is how a pair of men’s regular fit jeans look when worn:


As you can see, they aren’t sloppy and baggy, but you can also see a little extra material in the thigh which prevents these jeans from hugging tight against the skin. Below the knee there is some loose material, but not as much loose material as a pair of relaxed fit or loose fit jeans.

In this article let’s take a closer look at how regular-fit jeans fit. Let’s also discuss other types of fits so you that you can compare and contrast fits.

What are Regular Fit Jeans?

Regular fit jeans are the traditional cut that most people think of when they think about jeans. They are not overly baggy but are also not skin-tight. They will follow the curves of your body without hugging the skin too much. Simply put, they are just “normal” pants.

Regular fit jeans should always:

  • Fit comfortably 
  • Not hug tight against your thigh
  • Feel roomy around your calf area
  • Fit right to the tip of your foot

Men’s regular-fit jeans will be a little loose around the hips and thighs without sagging. The cut below the knee is usually similar in that it is loose, but not too baggy. Many regular fit jeans will taper slightly near the leg opening to reduce bagginess, but some will have a straight cut.


Women’s regular-fit jeans are similar, but generally fit a bit tighter than men’s regular fit jeans. However, they will not be snug like slim-fit jeans. They will fit straight across the hips and will often be straight in the legs.

Advantages of Regular Fit Jeans

Regular fit jeans have its fair share of advantages and theres a few things you should consider if you’re having trouble jeans shopping. 

Pros of regular fit jeans: 

  • Comfortable – Regular fit jeans should not feel tight and restrictive, but they also shouldn’t feel so loose and baggy that they make you feel sloppy and uncomfortable.
  • Casual Style – Regular jeans are perfect weekend jeans that give off a relaxed, casual vibe. They blend in nicely as you enjoy time with friends and family.

Disadvantages of Regular Fit Jeans

But regular fit jeans also have a few disadvantages you should look out for too. 

Here’s some cons of regular fit jeans:

  • Not Professional – Regular fit jeans have a casual design which might not work well in an office setting. Although some workplaces may be okay with casual office attire, not all workplaces will.
  • Extra Material Near Ankle – Although regular fit jeans are not too baggy, some versions may be baggier near the ankle. If you don’t like baggy material near the ankle, buying regular fit tapered jeans will be a nice option.

A taper fit is designed to narrow below the knee so that the jeans don’t look baggy and sloppy near the ankle. Combining a regular fit above the knee, with a taper fit below the knee sometimes provides a more professional look.

How Do Regular Fit Jeans Compare

Compared to other jeans, regular fit jeans find a nice middle ground. They are looser than slim fit jeans, but more fitted than relaxed and loose fit jeans.

They won’t hug tight against your body, but they also don’t look too sloppy. Regular fits jeans are great weekend jeans that give off a casual look.

Other Types of Jeans

The good thing about jeans is that come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. And regular fit jeans might not be your style. There’s a long list of jeans with different styles, but when compared to regular fit jeans, it comes down to whether or not you’d prefer tighter jeans, or looser jeans.

  • Slim and Skinny Fit – You could be someone that has a more slender frame, if so, slim or skinny fit jeans would be right up your alley. These jeans also help give shape to your legs and have a nice comfort feel to it. There’s plenty of space around your thighs and give you a decent mix of relaxation and some style. 
  • Loose and Relaxed Fit – Relaxed and loose fit jeans fit looser than regular jeans. They will provide plenty of space in the seat, crotch, and thigh, and won’t hug tight against your legs. They often feature a lengthier rise than other types of jeans.  

When it comes to body types, fit is critical. Loose jeans are better for someone who has a thicker frame. The denim will provide comfort and proportion to their figure.

Customers with average body types or slender legs should avoid loose jeans. For regular body types, regular fit or slim fit is probably the best option. Loose fit jeans on a slender body can appear sloppy.

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Going jeans shopping can be tedious. But don’t stress yourself out. Be sure to try to shop in person when you buy jeans. Pick a few different styles or sizes, try them all on and make a decision from there.

If you like being precise and don’t have time to try on different jeans, then measure yourself, find what you like online and buy whatever catches your eye. It could be regular fit or it could be bootcut, just buy what works for you.

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