Irish Setter Ashby Sizing & Fit Guide (w/ photos)

This article is an Irish Setter Ashby Boot Sizing Guide where we will discuss how Irish Setter Asbhy work boots fit (model 83605). In my experience, these boots fit true to size, but we will discuss at length in the article.

The Irish Setter Ashby Boots are great factory boots. Made with 100% leather and come with a wedge sole, which is best for a smooth surface.

The wedge soles don’t offer the traction of a rugged outsole, but they are more comfortable. If you work on concrete all day, these can help. Since it’s leather, you can expect the leather to stretch a bit over time to fit the shape of your foot.

Irish Setter boots are owned by Red Wing Shoe Company, which has been making premium footwear since 1905. Red wing Shoe Company is based out of Red Wing, Minnesota (source).

The Irish Setter brand was formed in the 1950s and has established itself as a premium boot brand for both outdoor boots and work boots. As I mentioned above, the Ashby boot is one of their most popular styles.

In this article we are going to focus specifically on discussing Irish Setter Ashby sizing and fit. If you want to read more about how other types of Irish Setter boots fit, visit our Irish Setter Boot Sizing Guide.

Irish Setter Ashby Sizing

The Irish Setter Ashby boots are probably the most popular type of Irish Setter work boots. These boots are made with a wedge outsole that makes these boots more comfortable to wear than traditional work boots.

Not every job needs a heavy-duty boot built for harsh outdoor environments. Wedge soles are built more for comfort. They don’t have deep, aggressive lug patterns because these types of soles are intended to be used on smooth surfaces like concrete, plywood, tile, packed dir etc. 

If you work on a factory floor, these Irish Setter Ashby boots are a great option. They give you something tough and dependable, but the wedge soles provide a bit of comfort to help balance it out.


Again, if you work in rugged, uneven terrain, you probably don’t want to use a wedge sole boot. Some jobs need those deep, aggressive lug patterns to provide adequate traction and support.

If you work inside on concrete, there’s no reason to be sacrificing comfort by wearing a heavy-duty tank of a boot that is built for rugged outdoor work. These Irish Setter Ashby boots give you a boot that is tough, well-made, but also has comfort in mind.

These boots are available in both a plain-toe and a safety-toe version. The leather is made from US-raised steers and the outsole is heat-resistant.


Irish Setter Ashby Fit

As I just mentioned, the Irish Setter Ashby boots are available in both a plain-toe and safety-toe. These two versions actually fit a little different. Expect the plain-toe boots to run true-to-size and the safety-toe boots to run a little bit bigger.

The Irish Setter Ashby boots do come in wide sizing in case you have wide feet. These boots will stretch out a little bit over time.

Here is a look at a pair of used Ashby boots. Overall, these boots have held up well despite heavy use. The wedge soles (as we have discussed) are not made for rugged terrain and are best for smooth surfaces, like a factory floor.

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