How Long do Clarks Desert Boots Last? (My Experience)

In this article we discuss how long Clarks Desert Boots last. I have been wearing Clarks Desert Boots as my go-to chukka boot for almost 5 years. In general, I expect my Desert Boots to last about a year and a half, but it depends on several factors that we discuss below.

The overall longevity of a boot is one of the most important factors when trying to decide what style of boots to buy. You’ll want to know how well the comfort holds up and how well the style and look of the boot holds up. In this article we are going to discuss how long Clarks Desert Boots last using pictures of the boots I am currently using.


How Long do Clarks Desert Boots Last?

I am now on my third pair of Clarks Desert Boots. On average, I would say I get about 1.5 years of consistent use out of each pair until I feel like it’s time to replace them with a new pair.

This is just my personal experience and obviously how you care for your boots will determine how much life you get out of them. I would say I take average care of my boots (I could definitely do better).


Once I’m about a year and a half into use, I feel like both the comfort and the look have deteriorated to a point that I feel it’s time to buy a new pair. I would say the comfort comes down to two separate, but similar, issues: the footbed gets worn and loses comfort, and the outsole wears down and doesn’t provide as much support.

Once the outsole starts to wear down, I feel like there’s a bit too much stress on my toe pad and by the end of the day, I can feel it. Now, let me stress that in my opinion, these boots are very comfortable boots to begin with (there’s a reason why I’ve owned 3 pairs).

But like anything in life, if you use it enough, it does wear down. The overall look and style of the boot starts to get a little worn-down around the year and a half mark as well. The toe portion of the boot gets worn and scuffed and mis-shaped from long-term use. Again, you can probably extend the life of your boots if you are extremely cautious and routinely clean them (I don’t).


Cleaning my chukka boots is one of those things that I put on my to-do list down around #150 and never get to. If you clean your shoes regularly, I see no reason why you couldn’t extend the life of these boots another 3-6 months.

I’m on about month 6 of my current pair of Clark’s boots. When I say “month 6”, I mean I’ve probably put about 6 months worth of use on them. I don’t mean I’ve worn them every single day (I haven’t), but I’ve worn them regularly throughout that time period both professionally and casually.

Here’s what they currently look like after 6 months of consistent use:


As I mentioned earlier, the three main areas I notice wear are the toes, tread, and insole. As you can see above, after about 5-6 months of use, the toes are still holding their shape reasonably well.

The top of the midfoot near the knuckles of the toes is where I tend to see the most wear. I am starting to see a little bend in the boots there after 6 months. This is mainly unavoidable in any pair of chukka boots.


The outsole tread, although dirty on my shoes, is still holding up well after 6 months and provides comfortable traction:


Yes, these boots are starting to show a little wear, but overall still have a lot of life left in them. Again, as I have said throughout, I do not regularly clean my boots, and if you do, that will certainly help extend the life of the boots.

In conclusion, if you wear your Desert Boots consistently (but not everyday), in my opinion expecting 1.5 to 2 years of life out of your Desert Boots is not unrealistic. I tend to fall closer to the 1.5 because I don’t clean my boots regularly along the way. If you do, reaching the 2 year mark is possible.


5 Tips to Prolong the Life of your Clarks Desert Boots

How long your Clarks Desert Boots last will obviously depend on how you treat them. When and where do you wear them? How do you clean them? There are 5 steps that can help you prolong the life of your boots:

  • #1) Buy a leather/suede shoe cleaning kit (believe it or not, I have actually done this. But what I haven’t done is #2).
  • #2) Use your leather/suede shoe cleaning kit. Once a week should do the trick.
  • #3) Avoid harsh weather conditions. I live in a volatile climate that gets a lot of precipitation (rain and snow). I have done a poor job at keeping my Desert Boots out of the snow and rain.
  • #4) Apply weather and stain protection to the outside of your boot. If you must wear them in weather, this will help.
  • #5) Buy a shoe tree to slip in your boots at night and help them keep their shape.

If you take simple steps like this, it should help extend the life of your boots another 6 months. But if you are like me, and you wear boots pretty hard and don’t take consistent care to clean them, then 1.5 years is probably going to be the life of your boots.

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