Rockport Boots Sizing Guide [Fit Big or Small?]

In this article we discuss how Rockport Boots fit for men. In general, you can expect most Rockport boots to run true-to-size, but it depends on what pair of boots you choose. Before we dive into deeper detail, here’s what you need to know about some of the most popular Rockport boots for men:

  • Rockport Elkhart Snow Boot – Great all-weather boot that works well as a business casual boot for snowy days. Lightweight with padded comfort and weatherproof design. This Rockport boot runs true-to-size.
  • Rockport Classic Break Chukka Boot – Traditional chukka style with cushioned foot-bed that conforms to your foot for personalized comfort. 100% leather. This boot does run a bit big and you may want to consider sizing down a half size.
  • Rockport Men’s RK6640 Work Boot – 6″ heavy duty work boot with extra-wide composite toe cap for added space and comfort. Slip-resistant, waterproof, with electrical hazard protection. This boot gives you hard-nosed toughness combined with comfort. Runs true-to-size.
  • Rockport Rugged Bucks Boot – This is my favorite waterproof chukka boot. It works well as a business casual shoe for all weather conditions. Waterproof, slip-resistant with padded comfort. 100% leather. This is my favorite Rockport boot. Runs a touch big, but I did not size down and it worked fine.
  • Rockport Dressports Men’s Steel Toe Oxford – If you are supervising a work floor, this is my choice for best steel toe safety shoe. Clean, professional appearance with the safety you need. To read more, visit our article about the best steel toe dress shoes.

Common question surrounding Rockport boots are:

  • Do Rockport boots run big?
  • Are Rockport boots comfortable?
  • How do Rockport boots compare to other popular brands?

In this article let’s take a deeper look into how Rockport boots fit, including photos of the Rockport boots that I own. We will also discuss other brands to consider if you are looking for versatile work boots.


How Do Rockport Boots Fit?

When you think of Rockport, you think of comfort. Rockport itself states that “we were able to merge the comfort of athletic shoes with the smart, sophisticated look of dress and casual styles (source).” But a huge part of comfort is fit.

If you buy a pair of boots that fit a half size too small, no matter how the boots are styled and constructed, that fit won’t equal comfort. So, what can you expect with Rockport Boots? Do Rockport boots run big or small?

Do Rockport Boots Run Big or Small?

In general, most Rockport men’s boots run true to size. I have always ordered my normal sizing with Rockport and have not had any issues. That said, there are a couple pairs of Rockport boots that may run a little bit big, but not big enough to where I personally chose to size down.

The Rockport Rugged Bucks Waterproof Boots is my favorite Rockport boot due to its comfort and versatility. It looks good with jeans and khakis, and also adds some weather protection for the winter and spring months. But this is one pair of Rockport boots that does run just a touch big.

Now, to be clear, I did not size down. It didn’t run so big that I couldn’t wear it. My normal sizing was fine, but I did notice a bit of extra room around the toes in comparison to other boots. My recommendation is to order your normal sizing, but if you are naturally in between sizes, size down.

Here is a look at my Rockport Rugged Bucks Waterproof Boots:


These Rockport Rugged Buck Boots are extremely comfortable to wear. One thing I also appreciate about them is they aren’t noisy to walk around in. They don’t squeak and they don’t feel like (or sound like) bricks hitting the ground when you walk. The tread is slip-resistant also, which is a nice bonus.

I would highly recommend these boots if you are looking for a comfortable, casual boot that also has some weather protection built in.

As I said earlier, for most Rockport boots, expect them to fit comfortably true-to-size. Another popular pair of Rockport boots are the Rockport Men’s Elkhart Snow Boots.

These boots are perfect for harsh winter conditions and can still fit in as a casual boot while giving you the weather protection and traction you need. These boots have a true-to-size fit, and in my opinion, do not run big at all. Order your normal sizing.

One other boot by Rockport that, in my experience, ran a bit big was the Rockport Classic Break Chukka Boot. This is actually by favorite chukka boot that Rockport offers. Expect it to run a bit big, but my recommendation is to still stick to your normal sizing. If you naturally run in between sizes, size down. If you absolutely prefer a snug fit, size down a half size.

Other Boot Brands to Consider

There are several boot brands on the market today, but Rockport is considered by many to be the best brand if you are most concerned about comfort. That said, if you want to shop around, there are several other brands that make fashionable and comfortable work boots. Here are 4 brands to consider:

  • Timberland
  • Cole Haan
  • Skechers
  • Clarks

All of these brands make a wide variety of business casual boots and shoes that can provide you a stylish and comfortable pair of boots to wear around the office. If you are needing a work boot that can stand up to tough work conditions, I would stick with Timberland or Skechers, and also check out brands like Carhartt and Wolverine.

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