Lacrosse Boots Sizing Guide [Fit Big or Small?]

In this article we discuss Lacrosse boots sizing and fit. In general, you can expect Lacrosse boots to run true-to-size, but it can vary depending on style.

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Here’s what you need to know about some of Lacrosse’s most popular outdoor and work boots:

  • Lacrosse Alphaburly Pro 18″ 1600g Knee-High Boot – This is one of Lacrosse’s most premium boots. Camouflage, scent-free. Multi-layer rubber on the toe and heel. 1600G Thinsulate to keep you ultra warm (warmest rating). Easy on-off adjustable gusset for less struggle. 3.5mm neoprene waterproof core. Click here to view these boots at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to
  • LaCrosse Grange 18” Boot – Classic outdoor boot slip-on style. No laces. Multi-layer rubber on the toe and heel. Waterproof, scent-free. Abrasion and tear resistant. This boot runs true-to-size. Click here to view these boots at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to
  • LaCrosse 12″ Insulated Pac Mid-Calf Work Boot – This is my go-to rubber work boot. Classic mid-calf style with upper lacing. Insulated foam footbed. Very comfortable to work in. Waterproof, scent-free. These boots run true-to-size. These boots have held up well over time. Click here to view these boots at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to
  • Lacrosse 4X Alpha Snake Boot – Great if you need superior snake-bite protection. 360-degree snake guard protection. Neoprene, waterproof construction. Camouflaged. Easy on-off adjustable backside gusset. Shin guard. Temperature rating: -20 degrees. Click here to view these boots at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to
  • LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro 18″ Boot – Embossed liner increases air circulation inside boot. Waterproof, quick-drying. Camouflaged, scent-free. Adjustable gusset on back for secure fit and easy on-off. Three layers of rubber in the toe and heel. This boot runs true-to-size. Click here to view these boots at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

I use the LaCrosse 12″ Insulated Pac Mid-Calf Work Boot as my go-to rubber work boot for wet conditions. I’m not exactly sure how long I’ve had them (I think 6-8 years) but they have held up very well over time. This is the current price of these boots at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

Lacrosse makes several types of insulated boots, including 800 Gram Thinsulate Boots, or even higher, that can prepare you for severe conditions.


In this article I will use my boots to discuss Lacrosse boots sizing. We will discuss:

  • How do Lacrosse Boots fit? Do Lacrosse Boots run big or small?
  • What to consider when buying Lacrosse boots
  • Review of how my boots have held up

How Do Lacrosse Boots Fit?

Getting the correct sizing for your Lacrosse boots is critical, especially if you buy a traditional style that doesn’t have an adjustable gusset for easy on-off. You definitely don’t want boots that fit too tight, because not only will they be a pain to wear, but it will also take a team of people to pry them off your feet.

Lacrosse boots are sized according to the Brannock device (source), which is the standard foot measuring tool for the world’s footwear industry. If you’ve shopped for shoes in-store before, you’ve probably used one of these Brannock devices to measure your foot size. The takeaway here is that because Lacrosse uses the Brannock device to size their boots, it is safe to assume that their boots run true-to-size in most styles.


Do Lacrosse Boots Run Small or Big?

In general, expect Lacrosse boots to run true-to-size. Sizing and fit is something this company does very well in my opinion. Not only do almost all of their boots run true-to-size, many of them are very easy to get on and off, and have adjustable straps for secure fit.

I actually own a more traditional-styled Lacrosse boot, the LaCrosse Insulated Mid-Calf Work Boot.


Although my Lacrosse boots run true-to-size, if you are naturally in between sizes, I would recommend sizing up just so you have a bit of extra room to get your feet out of these boots. The snug fit is essential in helping to keep your foot warm and dry while working, but for the traditional style that simply pull on/off, getting them off is a bit of a struggle.

This is the current price of these boots at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to If you are looking for a dependable pair of rubber work boots, they will do the job.

If you want to avoid the on/off struggle, just buy one of their pairs of boots that have the adjustable backside gusset for easy on/off. That said, I wear my normal sizing in these Lacrosse boots and the fit (and boot itself) are very comfortable and easy to work in.


Are Lacrosse Boots Worth It?

Personally, I love the feel and dependability of Lacrosse boots. I mainly use mine for outdoor work in wet conditions. I know there are other quality brands of neoprene boots on the market, but I will be sticking with Lacrosse.

My boots are about 6-8 years old (can’t recall exactly when they were purchased). Overall, they have held up well despite the fact that I use them quite frequently. I use them not only in wet conditions but also just for general house and yard work outside (you can see a bit of paint on mine).


I feel like the bottom outsoles of my boots still provide quality traction even after years of use. Certainly there is a bit of wear on the tread, but not a lot:


These boots are insulated and really do keep my feet warm in wet/cold conditions. I actually use these boots to shovel snow as well. They are dependable and check all the boxes (waterproof, warm, well-made etc).


4 Things to Consider When Buying Lacrosse Boots

  • Coverage – What type of coverage do you need? Lacrosse offers ankle boots, mid-calf boots (that’s what I have), knee-high boots, hip boots, and waders. This gives you several different types of coverage options so that you can pick what you need. If you are simply looking for a standard work or outdoor boot, I’d recommend sticking with the mid-calf or knee-high boots.
  • Safety – Lacrosse does offer steel-toe rubber work boots if you need that. They also have chemical-resistant and and electrical-hazard boots.
  • On/Off – As I mentioned above, the traditional pull-on rubber boots can be a bit of a pain to get on/off. They are ultra-comfortable, but pulling them off can be a chore. If you don’t want to struggle with it, buy a pair of Lacrosse boots that have the adjustable gusset in the back for easy on/off.
  • Insulation – Lacrosse offers a wide range of insulation so that you can find a warmth that works best for your region. This includes boots that have an “arctic” rating and can handle temperatures as low as -70°F. Click here if you want to read more about how their boots are tested and given a temperature rating.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend Lacrosse boots as a go-to work and outdoor boot. Mine have stood up well over 5+ years and I feel like they still have decent life left in them. For my region (Kansas), they keep me warm during the cool winter months and provide waterproof support when I need to work outside.

Where to Buy Lacrosse Boots?

Click here to browse the entire selection of Lacrosse Work and Outdoor Boots available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Again, in my experience, you can expect Lacrosse boots to run true to size.

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