Dockers D2 vs D3 Pants Sizing Compared (w/ Pics)

This article is a comparison of Dockers D2 vs D3 pants. The D2 pants are a straight fit and the D3 pants are a “classic fit”, which will be a looser fit than the D2 pants (we use real photos below).

Dockers has D1, D2, D3, and D4 pants, which all vary in fit (D1 slimmest to D4 loosest). Quickly, here’s what you need to know about each of these styles:

  • Dockers D1 – The D1 pants are the slimmest cut out of all the pants in this list. They are a slim cut from the hip to the ankle. They have a 15.5″ leg opening. Stretch fabric blend and Flex Comfort Waistband™ for comfort. Wrinkle-free technology.
  • Dockers D2 – The D2 pants are a straight cut from the hip to the ankle, which makes them sort of an in-between cut for those who want something that isn’t too slim or too relaxed. They have a 16″ leg opening. Stretch fabric blend and Flex Comfort Waistband™ for comfort. Wrinkle-free technology. We review these pants in this article. 
  • Dockers D3 – The D3 pants are what is called a “classic fit”. This fit is going to be a semi-relaxed, standard fit. The D3 pants fit looser than the D1 and D2 pants, but not as relaxed as the D4 pants. The D3 pants are for guys who want something that is relaxed, but not too sloppy and baggy. Plenty of room in seat and thigh for sitting, bending, stooping, etc. Stretch fabric blend and Flex Comfort Waistband™ for comfort. Wrinkle-free technology. We review these pants in this article. 
  • Dockers D4 – The D4 pants are a relaxed-fit pant, and they are the loosest pants in this series. They are for those guys who want a roomier cut for comfort. Throw in the soft material and the flexible waistband and these are some of the most comfortable office khakis on the market. They don’t hug your legs in any area. Wrinkle-free technology. 

In this article we are going to focus specifically on comparing the D2 vs D3 pants (using real photos). Dockers has been in the khaki business for over 30 years and was at the forefront of the casual movement. They are a sort of staple for those looking for comfortable, business-casual clothing. They are owned by Levi Strauss & Co., a company that obviously knows a lot about creating dependable pants and jeans. Here is a look at the D2 vs D3 Dockers:


Dockers D2 vs D3 Fit

What is the difference between Dockers D2 and D3?

The difference between the Dockers D2 and D3 pants comes down to fit. The D2 pants are a straight fit that is sort of an in between fit that isn’t too tight or too loose. The D3 pants will be a looser cut. The D3 pants are best for guys who prefer a roomier cut in the seat and thighs. Here are some specifics of these pants if you are trying to choose D2 or D3:

Leg Opening17″16″
SitsSits at WaistBelow Waist

*This article is property of Measurements based off 32 x 34 pants.

One thing that I like about Dockers fit is they use the flex comfort waistband that doesn’t choke off your waist when you sit down. The flex waistband has some give to it and adjusts as your waist adjusts. It makes it very comfortable to wear these pants, especially in office settings when a tight waistband can eat into your hips and stomach while you sit at a desk.

Again, expect the D3 pants to be looser that the D2 pants both in the thighs and below the knees. Here is a look at my D2 pants sitting on top of my D3 pants:


As you can see, there is about an inch of difference through the thighs in the two pairs that I own. And here is a look at the D2 vs D3 pants below the knee:


The D2 pants are also slimmer below the knee, and finish with a smaller leg opening compared to the D3 pants. Let’s discuss the leg opening in more detail.

Leg Opening

The leg opening for the D2 vs D3 pants is different. The D3 pants have a looser-fitting leg than the D2 pants, and that is carried through to the leg opening itself. On my pants, the D2 leg opening is 16″ and the D3 leg opening is 17″. Both leg openings are big enough to pair comfortably with most all types of footwear.

Here is a look at the leg opening of my D2 vs D3 Dockers:


D2 Dockers


D3 Dockers


What Size to Order?

In my experience, both the D2 and D3 pants have a true-to-size fit, meaning the waist and the length was what I expected. My recommendation is to stick to your normal sizing when ordering these jeans. Be sure to remember that the D3 pants naturally have a roomier cut. Also remember that these pants use a flex comfort waistband that has a little stretch in it. Visit our Dockers Sizing article to read more.

Dockers D2 and D3 Alternatives

  • If you feel like both the D2 and D3 pants might be a bit too tight in certain areas, then the D4 pants will make more sense. As we discussed earlier, the D4 pants are a relaxed fit. They are the loosest fit out of the Dockers D1-D4 series. They provide a lot of room in the seat and thighs, and are best for those guys who prefer a lot of extra room in their pants.
  • For those of you who feel like even the D2 Dockers pants are a bit too loose, then try the D1 pants. The D1 Dockers are a slim fit that is going to be a fitted cut from hip to ankle. The D1 pants don’t fit skin tight, but they will have a true slim fit that will show shape.

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