Photos & Data for the Steel Toe Work Shoes That We Tried

Recently we put our hands on 10 of the most popular steel toe work shoes to evaluate them on weight, comfort, flexibility, and purpose. You can read about our conclusions by visiting the articles linked below:

This page is a resource page that works in conjunction with those steel toe articles. The purpose of this page is to list all the shoes, weights, and photos we took while trying these shoes.

Weight Data for Steel Toe Work Shoes


*Please note that the weight below is based off one size 12 shoe. Shoes ranked by weight.

ShoeWeight (lbs)
Caterpillar Woodward1.09
Reebok Zprint1.15
Fila Memory Reckoning1.21
Reebok Sublite1.25
Reebok All Terrain1.29
Skechers Cankton1.30
New Balance 6271.50
Keen Atlanta Cool 21.50
Caterpillar Brode1.53
Keen Lansing Low1.55

Information About Each Steel Toe Shoe

Caterpillar Men’s Woodward Steel Toe Work Shoes

I have tried 10 different steel toe work shoes, and these Caterpillar Woodward shoes weighed the least. My size 12 men’s shoe weighed just 1.09 pounds per shoe. To put this into perspective, I also recently tried 14 different composite toe shoes, and the average weight for those 14 composite toe shoes was 1.25 pounds per shoe, so these Caterpillar Woodward shoes come in significantly lighter than the average composite toe shoe despite being steel toe shoes.

In fact, if I were to rank the weight of this Caterpillar Woodward steel-toe shoe with the weights of those 14 lightweight composite toe shoes I tried, this shoe would have ranked 6th most lightweight of the entire group. I’m saying all of this to say that these Caterpillar Woodward shoes would even be considered reasonably lightweight if they were compared to composite toe shoes.

To find a steel toe shoe that is this lightweight is really uncommon, and if you prioritize lightweight comfort, these will be your best option (I also like the Reebok Zprint shoes we discuss next). These Caterpillar Woodward shoes feel like lightweight athletic shoes when I wear them.

Like most low-top athletic work shoes, these Caterpillar Woodward shoes are built for light-duty work. To see other similar options, visit our article about the best steel toe running shoes for work.

Reebok Work Men’s Zprint Lightweight Steel Toe Shoes

These Reebok Zprint shoes were the second lightest in weight out of all the steel toe shoes that I tried (they weigh 1.15 pounds per shoe for a men’s size 12 regular). What also jumps out about these shoes is the breathability. If you are working in a hot climate and needs something that won’t trap heat, I think these are your best option.

And not only are these very lightweight and breathable, I thought these shoes had the second best under-foot comfort out of all the shoes I tried (second behind the Skechers Cankton shoes from above). They have a flexible design with foam midsoles that do a great job at absorbing shock.

What I really like is the memory foam insoles (Reebok calls this insole “MemoryTech Massage”) that have groove pods which help relieve stress off the bottom of my foot. If you are looking for a lightweight, ultra-breathable shoe that has great under-foot comfort, these are your best option.

Fila Memory Reckoning Work Steel Toe Shoe

I was actually a bit shocked how much I like these Fila safety shoes. If I’m honest, I’d say I had very low expectations for these shoes before I tried them in part due to the lower price point that I bought these at, and also because Fila is not a major workwear brand.

These shoes use memory foam insoles that I feel like put this shoe into the top half regarding under-foot comfort out of all the steel toe work shoes that I tried. This shoe weighs 1.21 pounds per shoe for a size 12 men’s, making it the 3rd lightest out of the 10 shoes I tried.

It is very flexible, and feels like an athletic shoe on my feet. These shoes do have toe and heel overlays to provide some additional abrasion resistance, but I still recommend using these mainly as indoor shoes, or for light-duty outdoor work on a smooth surface. Factory floor, yes I’d use these shoes. Landscaping on rough terrain, for me, no I would not use these shoes.

Reebok Work Men’s Sublite Steel Toe Shoe

These Reebok Sublite shoes weighed 1.25 pounds per shoes, which means they weighed less than the average steel toe shoe that we tried. These shoes are made with leather uppers and will offer more abrasion resistance than the shoes that just use textile uppers.

The flexibility of these shoes is very good and they feel like an athletic shoe on my foot. These are best used for indoor work or light duty outdoor work. These Reebok Sublite shoes use an injected EVA insole and don’t have a memory foam insole like some of the other Reebok shoes that we tried. True to size.

Reebok All Terrain Steel Toe Work Shoes

I really like these Reebok All Terrain shoes. I think these are some of the most versatile athletic-style work shoes on the market today. They have a lightweight, comfortable design that makes them great for indoor jobs, but they also have a more advanced outsole that allows them to take on certain outdoor terrains as well.

These shoes use Reebok’s “MemoryTech” memory foam insoles. Although I tend to like Reebok’s “MemoryTech Massage” insoles better (used on the Reebok Zprint shoes we discussed earlier) these insoles are also very soft and comfortable. Even though these shoes are built for a wide range of terrains, I would still recommend using these shoes for light-duty work. In my experience, these Reebok shoes fit true to size. To read more, visit my article about the Reebok All Terrain Work Shoes.

Skechers Work Cankton Athletic Steel Toe Sneaker

If you are basing your search for a steel toe work sneaker based solely on weight, then I would probably stick with either the Caterpillar Woodward shoes or the Reebok Zprint shoes that we discuss next. But, in my personal opinion, these Skechers Cankton shoes are the best low-top steel toe shoes on the market today.

These shoes provide the most under-foot comfort I’ve ever felt in any low top work shoe (I’ve tried approximately 30 different shoes for steel, composite, and soft toe). They have thick memory foam insoles. If you are someone who stands on your feet all day and need some relief, these are a great option.

What is the drawback to a shoe like this? Well, first of all, this shoe is a bit bulkier than other options on this list. Out of the 10 steel toe work shoes that I have tried, this shoe ranked 6/10 in weight (1.30 pounds per size 12 shoe). And this shoe definitely isn’t as breathable as the Reebok and Caterpillar lightweight steel toe work shoes on this list.

New Balance 627 V2 Steel Toe Industrial Shoes

Most low top safety toe shoes have an athletic design or a hiker-style design. If you want a shoe that is built a little sturdier, and has more of an industrial style, I would recommend the New Balance 627 V2 Shoes.

They are made with leather and although they are comfortable, they aren’t as flimsy and flexible as a running shoe. They have a sturdier design, and that is reflected in the overall weight. My size 12 shoes weigh 1.50 pounds per shoe, which makes these one of the heavier shoes that we tried.

KEEN Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool 2 Steel Toe Work Shoe

This KEEN Atlanta shoe is more durable than other options on this list. The outsole wraps up and acts as an overlay across the toe for extra bang protection on the front of your shoe. The leather used on the upper also helps add durability to this shoe.

Now, to be clear, this shoe just like all low-top work shoes is best used for light-duty work. But this shoe definitely has more toughness than the running-style shoes on this list. And, of course, because of that this shoe does weigh more. But I found the flexibility to still be very good even with this added durability:

Think of this shoe as a nice compromise between a hiking boot and an athletic shoe. It has a low-top design and breathable mesh panels that increase air flow and help keep weight down. But it also has the extra durability that we discussed, which separate it from other athletic shoes on this list.

Caterpillar Brode Steel Toe Work Sneakers

The Caterpillar Brode steel toe sneakers have the unique sneaker style that makes them stand out a bit in comparison to other types of low top steel toe work shoes. Overall, I found the build of these shoes to be a bit more durable in comparison to some of the athletic work shoes on this list, and that is reflected in the weight.

These shoes weigh 1.53 pounds per shoe, which makes them one of the heaviest shoes we tried. These are casual steel toe shoes that have a nice stylish design that transitions easily off the clock. Overall, the flexibility of these sneakers was very good. I found them to fit true to size.

Keen Men’s Lansing Low Steel Toe Work Shoe

As I mentioned earlier in the article, Keen makes hiker-style work shoes. What I really like about them is they offer more abrasion resistance than other types of low-top work shoes. These are better equipped for outdoor work than most of the other shoes on this list.

These Keen Lansing shoes have the large rubber toe overlay and also have an overlay over the heel. They incorporate both textile and leather into the upper to make these shoes both durable and breathable. These shoes have a more rugged design that other shoes on this list, and because of that they weigh the most. My size 12 weighs 1.55 pounds per shoe.

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