Danner Quarry Boot Review for Pros & Cons [My Experience vs Others]

This is a Danner Quarry Boot review. In this article I want to give you my experience with Danner Quarry boots, and compare that to the experience of other users.


Danner Quarry Reviews

Review #1


This boot review is by @maxwellhouseranch1004 on YouTube (subscribe here). He finds the Danner Quarry boot to be comfortable and suitable for a variety of outdoor activities, appreciating its Gore-Tex lining for effective waterproofing.

He likes that the boot’s padded upper and tongue add to its overall comfort, making it a good choice for prolonged wear. He also appreciates the relatively short break-in period, which is a significant plus compared to other heavy-duty boots.

However, he does express concerns about durability, specifically citing an incident where an eyelet popped out, leading to water leakage. This issue makes him question the boot’s long-term resilience in tough conditions. On a positive note, he is pleased with the customer service, noting that the company promptly replaced the boots without any hassle.

Review #2


This boot review is by @stardog16 on YouTube (subscribe here). He appreciates the boots for their solid protection, praising the composite toe for being lighter than steel and suitable for tough conditions. He likes their American craftsmanship but also notes that some materials are imported.

He finds the durability impressive, highlighted by triple stitching in key areas. The one-year warranty is a reassuring addition, covering potential issues. He also likes the extra features like tongue inserts, an inspection number, and the Vibram sole’s oil and slip resistance, which enhance the boots’ utility in various work settings.

However, he mentions that these boots are heavier than regular shoes, which might need some getting used to.

Review #3


This boot review is by @homegrownoutdoors6519 on YouTube (subscribe here). He highlights several pros of the Danner Quarry Boots. He thinks the boot stands out for its detailed construction (his version features an 8-inch tall leather upper and a waterproof Gore-Tex lining).

The non-conductive Vibram sole is praised for its durability, making the boot suitable for rigorous outdoor activities like woodcutting. He appreciates the variety of options available, including different colors, an alloy toe, and insulation levels up to 400 grams of Thinsulate.

A notable advantage mentioned is the boot’s eligibility for Danner’s recrafting service, which extends its lifespan through various levels of repair. The boot’s weight, at about 1.12 pounds, is deemed reasonable for its sturdy build.

On the downside, he notes the boot’s weight (might be a bit heavy), especially for those not used to wearing work boots regularly. This could require an adjustment period. Additionally, the price, ranging between $270 and $290, is considered high, although he suggests that the boot’s durability and the option for recrafting might justify the cost.

Also, he points out that the “Made in the USA with imported components” label might not meet the expectations of some consumers looking for a product made entirely in the USA.

My Experience with the Danner Quarry Boots

My main advice for considering these boots is to remember that these are heavy-duty boots, so the weight is heavier than other types of footwear. The Gore-Tex liner is necessary to keep water out, but when you combine the liner with the heavy duty leather, I have found these boots to be quite warm (they also offer an insulated version).

My point is this: these might not be the best summer boots (especially the lined waterproof versions). You can see that below with my lined Danner Quarry boots:


Regarding the construction, I have found it to be top notch. These Danner Quarry boots are made in the USA, but as has been noted previously, some components of the boot are imported.

Danner Quarry Pros

  • Strong and Versatile – These are some of the toughest work boots that I have owned. Perfect for heavy-duty jobs.
  • Waterproof – Mine use a Gore-Tex liner that I have found does keep my foot dry in wet work conditions.
  • Lace-to-Toe Style: I like lace-to-toe styles like the Danner Quarry offers. I feel like this passes more control to my foot.
  • Stitching – Triple stitched seams I have found that they hold up well with time.
  • Comfort – I appreciate the padding around the collar and the ortholite footbed is very comfortable I think.
  • Outsole – The Vibram outsole is slip-resistant, great for uneven terrain.
  • Fit – These boots are made using a ‘610 last’ which is made to fit a wide range of foot shapes.

Danner Quarry Cons

  • Price – They’re on the higher end, price-wise, but I feel like you’re paying for quality.
  • Heavy – Not the lightest boots on the market. If you’re not used to heavy boots, it might take some getting used to.
  • Break-In Period – Like most good leather boots, these might need some time to break in and feel totally comfortable.

The Photos of My Danner Quarry Boots

Here are the photos of my Danner Quarry Boots after I have used them for several years. As you can see, they are still holding up well:


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