Carhartt Gilliam Jacket Review (How Mine Fits w/ Pics)

This is a Carhartt Gilliam Jacket review. This jacket is a lightweight jacket that is very comfortable to wear. It is perfect as a spring jacket, or as a base layer for the winter months (that doesn’t add much extra weight).


If you are looking for a lightweight Carhartt jacket, here are your 4 best options:

  • Carhartt Crowley Jacket – My favorite lightweight Carhartt jacket. Versatile jacket fit for both office and work site. Mock neck front zip.
  • Carhartt Rough Cut Jacket – Another versatile soft-shell jacket with fleece inner lining. Water-repellent and wind-resistant. Plenty of pockets.
  • Carhartt Shoreline Jacket – This is your waterproof jacket. Outer shell is durable enough to stand up to tough conditions.
  • Carhartt Gilliam Jacket – Ultra-lightweight and comfortable. Water-resistant. Perfect spring jacket. This is the jacket we review in this article.

The Gilliam jacket is very popular because it combines an ultra-lightweight shell with a reasonable amount of warmth. Now, this won’t be one of Carhartt’s warmest jackets, but it is warm enough to handle mild winter days in the 40’s and 50’s.

In this Carhartt Gilliam Jacket review, we will discuss the Gilliam jacket’s:

  • Fit
  • Features
  • Warmth
  • Versatility

Carhartt Gilliam Jacket Sizing and Fit

The Gilliam Jacket has a true-to-size fit. One important thing to understand about this jacket is it does not have a drop tail. The jacket hits near the waist line.

Here I am wearing a size medium Gilliam Jacket (6’2″ 200 pounds):


And here is my size medium Gilliam Jacket compared to a size medium Hanes undershirts straight out of the package:


As you can see, the Gilliam Jacket’s overall length is quite similar to the length of a medium t-shirt. One positive of the length of this jacket is it makes it very easy to move around while wearing this jacket since it doesn’t obstruct the hips or legs. This jacket is great for walking or hiking.

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Carhartt Gilliam Jacket Review: Warmth

I like to describe this jacket as being a medium-warmth jacket. Do not expect this jacket to keep you warm in freezing conditions, but you can expect it to provide you adequate warmth during those chilly spring/fall days, and even some mild winter days.

The Gilliam jacket has a nylon lining with 100g polyester insulation for warmth:


Although by itself this jacket won’t keep you warm during those sub-freezing winter days, but it can act as a perfect base layer to wear under your winter jacket.

I love it as a base layer because although it adds warmth, it does not add a lot of weight. That is kind of my thing with layering – if you are not careful, you can layer on a lot of extra weight, and if you are working outside, that weight is a pain.

This Gilliam jacket allows you to layer for warmth, but not feel much weight difference at all (this jacket is ultra-lightweight). Because it works as such a great layering option, this jacket can be useful in both the spring/fall, and the winter months.


Carhartt Gilliam Jacket Features

  • 1.75-ounce, 100% nylon Cordura outer shell fabric that is lightweight but still tough enough to be abrasion and tear resistant. Don’t expect this shell to be so tough it can take on extreme work conditions, but you can expect this jacket to have reasonable toughness in comparison to its overall weight. Shell is water-repellent for added weather protection.
  • Full-front zip with mock neck collar style, which gives this jacket a versatile, casual look.
  • Nylon lining with 100g polyester insulation for warmth, and an adjustable drawcord at the waist to help trap in warmth.
  • Snap-button hand-warmer pockets and a zip-close chest pocket on the outside. One zip-close internal chest pocket and one internal chest pocket (5 total pockets – 3 outside, 2 inside).
  • Triple-stitched main seams that gives this jacket long-term durability.

Carhartt Gilliam Jacket Pros and Cons


This strength of this jacket is in its versatility. It is a jacket that doesn’t really look out of place anywhere. You can wear to the office, to a work site, or just out casually with friends.

It’s lightweight construction makes it the perfect base layer to wear under a heavy winter jacket during the coldest months of the year. It provides extra warmth without the extra weight.


For many parts of the US, this jacket will not be warm enough to handle the bitter cold months (unless you plan to use it as a layer as mentioned above). This jacket is only a medium-warmth jacket. If you are looking for a softshell winter coat that can handle sub-freezing temperatures, this jacket will not be the answer.

That said, this jacket is warm enough to handle mild winter days, and days have a water-repellent finish that can help stand up to light rain and snow. My advice though is to just make sure that this isn’t a jacket you are going to plan on using during an arctic blast. This Gilliam jacket works best as a spring/fall jacket.

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