How Do 1620 Workwear Hoodies Fit? [My Sizing Guide]

1620 Workwear hoodies are some of the toughest, most popular work hoodies on the market today. They are made in the USA and have a more durable construction than most other types of hoodies. But what about sizing? Do 1620 hoodies fit true to size?

1620 Workwear hoodies fit true to size for most people. However, the cut is a bit slimmer than other types of work hoodies, so if you prefer a loose fit, sizing up may be best. I personally stuck with my normal sizing and it fit perfectly. 1620 Workwear offers a fit guide which helps you find the correct sizingclick here to view that size guide (paid affiliate link takes you to

1620 Hoodie Sizing

I purchased the popular 1620 Workwear work hoodie so that I could test, among other things, the sizing of this hoodie. In my experience, this hoodie fits true-to-size, but the fit is a little different than many other types of work hoodies that I have tried.

This 1620 hoodie is designed to fit a little bit longer than other hoodies. This is helpful so that when you crouch and bend the hoodie doesn’t ride up over the belt line.

It’s also worth mentioning that this hoodie fits a little slimmer than other work hoodies that I have tried. It’s not so slim that I adjusted sizing, but if you prefer a loose fit, you may need to size up. I like the slimmer fit because then it doesn’t get snagged constantly on a jobsite.

Below is a photo of me wearing my 1620 Work Hoodie (6’1″ 190 size medium):


1620 Hoodie Sizing vs T-Shirt

I also want to compare my 1620 hoodie to a standard t-shirt to give you a better idea how the hoodie fits. Below is a photo comparing my size medium 1620 hoodie to a medium t-shirt:


As you can see, even though it has a slimmer design than other hoodies, there is still some extra room built in compared to a t-shirt. And you can see the length is longer than a standard t-shirt.

But, again, if you like a looser fit, sizing up may be best for this hoodie.

Other 1620 Hoodie Sizing Features

Here are some other things I have noticed from using this hoodie:

  • Fits Over Neck – One thing I really like about this hoodie compared to normal work hoodies is it is designed to fit up over the neck which provides weather protection almost all the way to the chin. You can unbutton this area of the hoodie when you don’t need or want coverage that high.
  • Sizing Length for Arms – One pet peeve of mine is when work shirts and hoodies don’t have long arms. It’s frustrating to be reaching on the job and feel like the hoodie restricts movement. The arm-length sizing of 1620 hoodies is very good and does not cause me any issues.
  • Sizing of Handwarmer Pocket – The kangaroo-style handwarmer pocket is plenty big enough to get hands easily in and out and provides quality coverage and warmth. There’s also a hidden phone pocket inside the handwarmer pocket so that you can keep your phone safe from the elements.

To read more, visit my article about why I like 1620 hoodies.

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