Red Ants Pants – A Workwear Brand all Women Should Know

  • Founded: 2006
  • Founder: Sarah Calhoun
  • Headquartered: White Sulphur Springs, MT
  • Specialize: Workwear for women. Made in the USA.
  • Website: Click here to visit their site.

Their Story

If you are a woman shopping for dependable workwear, you know how limited the selection can be. Many major workwear brands seem to disregard, at times, the need women have for dependable workwear.

Women may be forced to buy work clothes that do not fit their needs perfectly, or even in some situations, may be forced to buy men’s clothing and just “make it work”.

This frustration is what caused Sarah Calhoun to start Red Ants Pants in 2006 in her hometown of White Sulphur Springs, Montana.

Red Ants Pants represents one of the few workwear brands that offers premium women’s workwear made right here in the USA.

Calhoun has been recognized by numerous publications for her efforts as a rural entrepreneur, and was named Entrepreneur of the Year for the state of Montana in 2011.

What Makes Them Different

  • Made in USA – The workwear industry is full of brands moving more and more of their production to cheaper overseas factories. In the middle of this trend, Red Ants Pants is dedicated to doing the opposite of that. They are dedicated to making all of their products here in the USA, to ensure the quality of their workwear is superior. The entire production process happens on USA soil.
  • Women’s Workwear Focus – As we discussed, the current workwear marketplace is geared mostly to men. Red Ants Pants is different because they are focused on making dependable workwear for women. And although they do offer a few pieces of workwear for men, the focus of Red Ants Pants will always be to provide quality workwear for America’s working women.

What They Offer

Red Ants Pants is not a bloated brand that has thousands of options mass produced in foreign factories. This is a small, focused company that emphasizes quality.

Their line of products is small, but covers the basics that a woman may need during a day of work. There are three specific items I want to highlight:

  • Original Work Pants – Perhaps their most popular item, their “Original Work Pant” is made with 12-ounce cotton canvas duck. It has a gusseted crotch for comfort, comes with plenty of utility pockets, and has a higher back rise for extra coverage. Reinforced front leg and reinforced seat for durability. Offered in both a “straight” and “curvy” cut. Made in USA. Click here to view.
  • Moleskin Work Shirt – A heavy duty work shirt built for women. This shirt uses durable 9.7-ounce cotton fabric and is reinforced at the elbows for extra toughness. This shirt has a rounded hem for extra coverage, and can be worn both untucked, or tucked in. Made in USA. Click here to view.
  • GSD “Get Stuff Done” Pants – These are your summer work pants. They are still very durable, but made with a lightweight canvas fabric that also has a bit of stretch to it. The lightweight fabric allows your legs to breathe a little bit out there in the summer heat. Offered in both “straight” and “curvy” cut, made in the USA. Click here to view.

The Red Ants Pants online shop includes essentials like work shirts, shorts, pants, hoodies, and aprons. This is a brand that represents all that is right with American workwear and is a great option for women who need dependable clothing.