7 Best Wool Trucker Jackets for Winter 2022

Wool trucker jackets combine comfort with a casual style that blends in effortlessly with a wide range of outfits. I like the Levi’s Wool Blend Trucker Jacket because the wool blend makes it machine washable. It also has an attached hood for extra weather protection. If you prefer 100% wool, then I’d recommend the Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket.

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These are my choices for the best wool trucker jackets:

  1. Levi’s Men’s Wool Blend Hooded Trucker Jacket (click here to view)
  2. Filson Men’s USA Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket (click here to view)
  3. Cole Haan Men’s Wool Melton Trucker Jacket (click here to view)
  4. Calvin Klein Men’s Wool Open Bottom Jacket (click here to view)
  5. Schaefer Outfitters Men’s Wool Austin Jacket (click here to view)
  6. *Big & Tall* Kingsize Wool Blend Multi-Pocket Inset Jacket (click here to view)
  7. *Women’s* Levi’s Women’s Wool Classic Trucker Jacket (click here to view)

Not all wool trucker jackets will be made using 100% wool. Many companies will use a wool fabric blend which often incorporates polyester or nylon into the fabric. There are several reasons a company might do this.

First of all, it helps reduce cost. Wool fabric blend jackets are often cheaper than 100% wool jackets. But fabric blends also have potential benefits in that the fabric blend often makes them machine washable (100% wool will need to be dry cleaned) and also can help improve the overall durability of the jacket.

In this article let’s take a closer look at the best wool trucker jackets so you can find an option that fits your needs. Let’s also discuss several things to consider when shopping for these types of jackets.

Best Wool Trucker Jackets

Levi’s Men’s Wool Blend Hooded Military Trucker Jacket

This Levi’s wool military-style trucker jacket has a warm Sherpa lining to provide added warmth to the jacket. I also like the fact that is has both a zipper and a snap-button front so you can hide the zipper if you so choose.

Here’s what this Levi’s trucker jacket looks like:

This is the current price of this Levi’s trucker jacket available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com). Here’s what you need to know about this jacket:

  • Material – This jacket is made with a wool fabric blend (is wool blend good?). Blending in other fabrics like polyester and nylon help improve the durability of the jacket. Also, because this jacket uses a wool fabric blend, it is machine washable and does not need to be dry cleaned.
  • Design – This trucker jacket has a military design with epaulette detailing on both shoulders for style. This jacket has two external flap-close chest pockets and two side hand pockets. There is also an internal zip pocket. This jacket has an attached hood and has a dual closure with both a zipper and snap buttons.
  • Fit – This Levi trucker jacket has a regular fit that isn’t too tight or too loose. It is designed to finish near the hips. There are adjustable snap cuffs so the sleeves can be pulled up when needed.

Click here to buy this Levi’s wool trucker jacket available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com). As we discussed above, this jacket is machine washable.

Filson Men’s USA Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket

Filson is a clothing company based in Seattle WA that has a deep-rooted tradition in providing heavy-duty dependable workwear. Their founder, C.C. Filson, opened shop in 1897 and, at that time, specialized in making ultra-tough, ultra-dependable clothing for stampeders heading north for the Klondike Gold Rush.

Modern day, they’ve transitioned into a company that provides a wide range of outdoor gear (not just workwear). Their gear can be worn by fisherman, loggers, miners, engineers, explorers, and even just everyday folk looking for rugged casualwear. They offer many wool work coats and jackets.

This Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket was first introduced to the Filson line in 1914 as a cruising shirt, and has transitioned over time into this Cruiser Jacket that has many similarities to a trucker-style jacket.

This is what the Filson Wool Cruiser Jacket looks like available at Filson.com (affiliate link takes you to filson.com). Here’s what you need to know about this jacket:

  • Material – This Filson wool work jacket is made using 24-ounce Mackinaw wool. Filson’s Mackinaw wool comes from a small herd of sheep in the northwestern United States and Canada. Filson claims that their wool will absorb as much as 30% of its own weight in moisture without becoming damp, and they say the wool can be bent and flexed 20,000 times without breaking.
  • History – This Filson jacket was first introduced in 1914 as the C.C. Filson Wool Cruising Shirt, and through feedback and improvements has, over time, developed into this warm cruiser jacket. This jacket is still made in the USA.
  • Pockets – This Filson jacket has four front-side snap-close pockets to give you plenty of storage space. One of the chest pockets is slotted so it can store small tools and other essentials. The two botton front-side pockets also open from the side to act as hand warmers. There is an internal chest pocket, and a pass-through back pocket.
  • Weather Protection – This Filson wool jacket is wind-resistant and can insulate in both wet and dry conditions. The wool fabric is naturally water-repellent to help keep you dry on those cool, rainy days.

Click here to buy this Filson wool work jacket available at Filson.com (affiliate link takes you to Filson.com). This jacket needs to be dry cleaned.

Other Wool Trucker Jackets to Consider

Cole Haan Men’s Wool Melton Trucker Jacket

This Cole Haan wool jacket is made using a wool/polyester fabric blend. It has a dual-closer front with both a zipper and a snap-button placket that closes over the top of the zipper. It has a four-pocket front, including flap-close chest pockets. The hand pockets are zip-close to give you a safe place to store essentials.

This jacket has a stand collar, but has a zip-away hood tucked into the collar so you can use it for extra weather protection when needed. This jacket has a regular fit that finishes near the hips. Click here to view this Cole Haan wool trucker jacket available at Macy’s (affiliate link takes you to Macys.com).

Schaefer Outfitters Men’s Wool Austin Jacket

Schaefer Outfitters is a US-based outdoor workwear brand that makes a wide range of ranch-style clothing, including this wool trucker-style jacket. This wool jacket is made in the USA using 15-ounce Melton wool and is lined with premium-grade taffeta.

It has a four-pocket front including flap-close chest pockets. It has a full-zip front with a stand collar that provides extra weather protection around the neck. Click here to view this Schaefer Outfitters wool work coat (link takes you to SchaeferOutfitter.com).

Levi’s Women’s Wool Classic Trucker Jacket

If you are shopping for a women’s wool trucker jacket, this Levi jacket is made with a wool fabric blend. As we discussed earlier in the article, some jackets use a wool fabric blend to help increase durability, and to make the jacket machine washable.

This women’s wool jacket features a four-pocket front, including hand pockets. It is designed to finish above the waist and has adjustable tabs on the waist so you can customize the fit. Dual closure front with zipper and buttons. Click here to view this Levi’s women’s wool blend trucker jacket available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

4 Things to Consider When Buying Wool Trucker Jackets


We all know wool is very good at naturally repelling rain, but what about warmth? How warm do you need you wool work coat to be?

Even unlined wool trucker jackets and coats can provide adequate warmth on a cool fall or spring day. But if you need something for winter, buying an insulated wool jacket will be your best option. For example, some wool jackets will either use a lining for warmth (like flannel), or they will use a synthetic insulation to add warmth (like PrimaLoft).

Also, some wool jackets will use a double layering of the wool to help add extra insulation. For example, Filson offers their Wool Cruiser Jacket in a version that uses double wool layering for added warmth. Click here to view that Filson Double Mackinaw Jacket available at Filson.com (affiliate link takes you to Filson.com).

Although wool is naturally water-repellent, that doesn’t mean it will keep you dry in a heavy rain storm. If you are working in consistently wet conditions, a waterproof jacket would be a better choice. To read about options, visit our article about the best insulated waterproof jackets.

To read specifically about merino wool, visit our article that discusses the warmth of merino wool.


Wool has many good qualities that are useful for workwear, like being naturally water-repellent and stain-resistant, but one drawback to using wool for a work jacket is wool may not be durable enough for all jobs. If you need something ultra durable, would a canvas work jacket or a denim work jacket be a better option?

If you want to do a deeper diver on options, visit my article about the best jackets for work. Here are some options to consider if you think canvas or denim might be best for you:

Trucker Jackets

One thing about wool trucker jackets is they are very comfortable to wear. But there aren’t a lot of wool fabric trucker jackets on the market today.

If you don’t like your options on this list, and want to see other trucker options, visit our articles linked below:

Number of Pockets

Almost all trucker jackets have a four-pocket front. The two external chest pockets are usually flap-close pockets. Not all options will have an internal pocket. If you prefer an internal pocket, the Levi’s Wool Jacket at the top of our list does have an internal zip-close pocket.

I think the internal pocket is important because it gives me a safe place to store essentials like keys, wallet, and phone to keep them out of the elements.

One thing I really like about Filson’s Wool Cruiser Jacket is it has a lot of pockets for storage. It has four flap-close pockets, two hand pockets, a slotted pocket, an internal pocket, and a back pass-through pocket. If you need storage, I think that’s your best option.

Click here to view this Filson Cruiser Jacket available at Filson.com (affiliate link takes you to Filson.com). This wool trucker jacket is available in many different colors, including plaid designs.

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